dwarf orange bird of paradise???

port_a_bella(z9 AZ)February 8, 2006

hi there... i was at target, the other day, and they had some of their bop labled as dwarf orange bird of pardadise. has anyone heard of this? how tall do they get?


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gaza(10 la CA)

i dont think there is such a thing.
BOP,s start out small,flower small,but always grow full size!
6 feet plus
they do remain,however small for a long while,if obtained small

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It grows wider, rather than taller. I think (forgive my spelling) it's call strezelina regina whereas the white (and tall one) is strezelina nicola. I'm probably a mile off with my spelling but maybe it'll give you a place to start with google. The orange BOP seems to form nice, thick clumps about 2 feet tall.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Wanna run faster may be correct especially from a box store but here are several subspecie of the orange BOP.
Strelitzia regina "juncea comes to mind as well as the all yellow type. My neighbors have one that stays well under 3 feet tall while mine is around 8. Flowers are identical but mine are held within the foliage while theirs are held above. Leaves are much smaller with shorter petioles.
There are also several hybrid but don't think you'd find them at Target

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port_a_bella(z9 AZ)

wow!! thanks everyone... i guess i'll just put them in the ground and see what happens. i just hope that they don't get too big for the area they're in. are their roots very invasive?
--wanna run faster... don't worry about your spelling. i'm horrible at it myself.

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I purchased Dwarf bird of paradise seeds at Epcot.
The plant is now 6 years old. I grow it in a very large container here in central florida in full sun. It is very wide however it is only 3ft tall. After the 4th year it has produced 8 - 10 flowers each year. It even surprised me in 2008 when it produced 2 extra in november.
I water it once a week, about 4 gallons that have been soaking in peat moss and Cultivated Manure. Around the rim of the container I have planted Nasturtuims, they drape down and cover the pot. In Daytona Beach if your driving down Atlantic ave the city uses the dwarf BOP's as landscaping in the center divide.

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