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love.peace.herbsFebruary 6, 2009

I have posted this message also in the Plumeria section.

I am looking to start a Plumeria in Kansas and would eventually take it with me to Seattle Washington this year. I would love to know more about the plant and how to grow it in doors. I understand it is a tropical plant and usually grown down in a hotter climate. Also does anybody know where I should look for a cutting or a plant itself? Information about fertilization, growth, lighting and any other information is wanted.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Since nobody else jumped in ,my two cents. I grow both evergreen and deciduous plumeria but out in the yard, They are very lowland tropical, sensitive down to frost hard freeze fatal. . Easy to grow if you can keep the temps up though indoors light might be a problem..They also get very large and drop leaves during winter except for the EG"S.
Very easy to start from cuttings though care is needed to prevent rot during rooting.
I think if I were going for a Houseplant I'd choose a smaller earlier blooming type. Probably your only source for plants would be mail order?? gary

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jeelli(5/6 CT)

They like drier soil(I use a cactus mix with added vermiculite) and sunny. Mine are starting to come out of dormancy. I just recieved a fully rooted and leafed out Dwarf Singapore from Logee's yesterday- it feels like cheating, but it's instant gratification. That may be a good option for you- it wasn't too expensive. Good Luck in your endeavors!
(I usually check out the Plummie forum, but I happened to see you question here)

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They grow very fast indoors-I had mine grow leaves 16" long, a dark green. But when it got really warm indoors the spider mites were ferocious. They need good air movement indoors-warm stuffy rooms dont cut it. Sunlight,and a good quiet indoor fan would be perfect.

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barbiekemp(U 10b / S 23)

OK..... thanks... I didn't even know there were two types: evergreen and deciduous. Wow, now I feel stupid. I used to wonder why some people in my vicinity had leaves all year, while I did not. Time for more web-searching.

Wonderful tips, Gary!

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