Corn Plant/ Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana' :) Lighting!))

amethystfaeryFebruary 26, 2010

Hallo :)

I just bought one of these lovely plants last week. I want to give it the best care that I can, however during my research on the net I am finding sooo much conflicting information in regards to the lighting!

Some say it needs low light and bright light will burn the leaves. Some say it likes bright light and will only "tolerate" low light.

Then some say to have it right up against the window(more or less) and others say to have it back xyz feet. (They can't even agree on the feet amount either lol)

I can only guess this is to do with different zone locations.

If any one can offer me advice and experience with these guys would be most appreciated =)

I live in the lower portion of MN if it helps.

Currently he is a little over a foot away from a south patio window. I originally intended to put him in my west bedroom window as this location(my south window) is already somewhat crowded by a huge and happy cat palm, Pothos and two ivies.

West window though ..My room is colder and as a college student who studies late sometimes I sleep in close to noon hours (i.E closed shades till around noon) Maybe the ivies will be happier in there>? i Know they don;t like direct sun. (had them for over 10 years . Since I was a little girl :)

Sorry for the novel length post! :D

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dellis326 (Danny)

I have several of these plants, In my living room one is directly in front of a southern window during the winter and is outside all summer in full sun, another is in the same room but in the back portion of the room in bright shade but no direct sun at all. This one stays indoors all year because it is too big to move(almost 9 feet). I also have two more in the warehouse at my work which are under skylights and get about 6 hours of direct sun with very bright shade the rest of the day and even though these two are in a space that averages about 50 degrees all winter they are starting to show new growth.

They seem too grow in anything from bright indirect to direct sun. Kept damp but not soggy and not in the dark Dracaenas thrive pretty well.

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Full afternoon sun usually starts to give the leaves a bleach look, but they grow in almost all light. I have had my indoor one for over 5 years in a room that get bright light, but no direct light and it does fine. About 2 summers ago I also had one outside that got a pretty good amount of sun, and it still did well. But dont put a plant that has been in low light indoors directly in full sun outdoors or the leaves will burn.

good luck!

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