Watering of my bougainvillea

paolalancioneNovember 23, 2007

I have brought my plant inside for the winter. It is near a window for light. All the leaves have fallen off. I was wondering how often I should water it. It is looking not very good! Thank you for your help.

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Your plant is fine! Don't worry about the lost leaves. They will quickly grow back and as long as they receive a few hours of direct sunlight, can be brought back into bloom. Bourgainvilleas do like to dry out between waterings; encourages flowering. I have one in a western exposure that gets between 3-4 hours of direct sun at this time of year. I water about twice a week--still, it always seems to be dry. It is blooming heavily now but did nothing in the summer when it was outside (probably was too wet). (Don't fertilize at this time of year.) Good luck!

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I live in Ft Laud and my bougainvilleas have been in the ground x 1yr and are 4' tall and only 1/2 of them bloomed and that was 6 mos ago. What might be the problem?

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My personal experience convinces me that bougainvilleas thrieve on a certain amount of benign neglect. I really let mine go very dry between waterings and rarely fertilize. They seem to actually like poorer soils. I did notice that mine did nothing outside all spring and summer (though in direct sun) and only started to bloom in late fall/winter as an indoor plant prone to chronic underwatering. Good luck!

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lapalm(11 L.A. CA)

NJOasis is correct.
They thrive on neglect. They don't like much water or food and the more heat the better, and I mean HEAT. They bloom best on roofs. Ft. Lauderdale and Florida in general (where I lived for 7 years) have a lot of rain and not as much sun in the summer with those thunderstorms. The result is noticably less bloom.

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