Mandevilla, yellow leaves

kittybouquetFebruary 3, 2014

I am overwintering my white mandevilla in the house. I live in Northern Michigan. I put it in the brightest window in the warmest room. I bought it last summer. I trimmed some of the tendrils and brought it in the house in October. It has been beautiful until a few days ago, though it does not bloom in the house. I water it maybe weekly and let it dry between waterings. Now it has some yellow leaves. I have read this is happens when it lacks sunshine. We don't get much sun here. Is there anything I should do for it? I really want to keep it alive until spring when I can take it back outside. It has grown long tendrils again. I have not fertilized since summer.

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Kitty, Mandevilla is a tad fussy indoors.

What temp is the room? You said your plant was the warmest..Too warm/hot can cause problems. It depends what you consider warm..

What size is your plant? Before bringing indoors, did you cut back the vines?
Some gardeners claim cutting 1/3rd back during autumn promotes bushier growth and flowers..
BTW, I think it's too early in the year for Mandy's to bloom..

Leaves yellow for different reasons. Too cold, over-watering, insects, change of climate, etc.

Good luck...have a photo to share? Toni

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