Tropicalesque for intense sun/heat?

greenfrog(VIC Australia)November 5, 2004


I'm in the process of making a tropicalesque section of my garden and I'm having trouble selecting a plant for one corner of it. My main concern is that it will be against the West facing brick wall of the house, so it gets full afternoon sun and our Summer temperatures go up to 110 degrees on occasion so I'll need something that won't be cooked by these conditions. As for the size of the plant, fairly tall would be good (up to 8 or 9 feet) but not too wide as there is not a lot of space. I'm in zone 9, but might just be able to push the micro-climate to Z10 once I complete my paving and windbreaks. Looking forward to any suggestions you might have.



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zoneimpaired(z5b-6 ont.can.)

Greenfrog (are there any other kinds?) what about a nice olive? or are you looking for something lush. Robb

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Vines might be a good option, had you considered Bougainvillea? Other vines like Macfadyena unguis-cati, or Podrainea ricasolaina would also love this hot spot. Bird of Paradise would also work in this location. Perhaps a little taller growing than your request, but it can also be cut back to keep manageable, are the South African Cabbage Trees, such as Cussonia paniculata. One of the Aloes such as A. arborescens, A. marlothii, or A. ciliaris would also work, and the first two would also give winter blooms.

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