Tomato plants suitable for 'topsy-turvy' planter

patsyann(7b)February 11, 2011

I used a "topsy turvy"planter bag last year and although I did get tomatoes, the long stems tended to curl upwards and had to be supported. I would like to grow another tomato plant in it this year, and would like some advice on which one to plant.

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Any plant will curl its stems upwards to reach sunshine which comes from the sky. The weight of the tomatoes may have a dragging-down effect, but the leaves and parts of the stem which do not bear weight of fruit will continue to turn upwards.

Tomatoes are water hogs. I have a couple of TT planters on my front deck and I find the daily watering a hassle because of the limited size of the soil mass in the container. Next year I will reuse them but it will be with determinates or dwarf plants because their smaller size will require less watering.


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donnak_nc(zone 7)

I agree with Trudi; I did topsy turveys the last two years in a row. First, with Celebrity, a determinate, then the next year with Big Beef, an indeterminate. The Celebrity worked the best...a lot of watering but it was fun watching it grow. :)

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suddensam(10 Boynton Beach)

Against the wind,
Against the wind, I was running against, the wind.
Good luck with the topsy turvy boy.

Plant em if you got em.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Good one Sam!

Patsy it isn't so much the plant that is the problem it is the planter itself, the Topsy Turvey.

As already mentioned any plant will curve up toward the light no matter what the manufacturer of the planter may say or show in their grossly misleading commercials. But if you are going to use one of them then one of the dwarf varieties of plants works the best.

Consider: New Big Dwarf, Husky Cherry Red, Totem or Patio. Transplants for several of those are commonly available.

If you want a bigger plant and can provide supports for the branches then go with one of the "bush" varieties like Bush Champion or Homestead.


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Thanks for all your replies. I will go with one of the dwarf varieties suggested, as it is more of a fun thing to have the Topsy hanging on the deck. My other tomatoes will be grown in very large containers (right side up).

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