can you ID this philo?

petrushkaFebruary 27, 2014

i looked at pictures and it resembles giganteum and also williamsonii. but it has very wavy leaf margins.
it's growing in miami, fl.

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Sorry, can't ID, but your Philodendron is gorgeous. I like the palm next door, too. WOW!

Are roots growing off the Philo? Toni

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i wish.. but it's not mine. it's just a shot from the sidewalk. like you regular curbside garden planting LOL.
it's scrambling up a palm, the roots are all philos.
it's so healthy it's just incredible.
i wonder how old can it be?

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Pet, Wow...Must be a huge crack in the walk. lol.

Amazing..Aerial roots are looking for a new stalk to climb. Or soil.
It's a Gorgeous Philo though. Can it be P. Maximum?

Hard to tell age. Did you recently find the Philo? My guess is 10-years...In perfect conditions Philos grow faster than dry here..:(

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i looked at p. maximum - looks like they have a more narrow leaf.
the name's not that important, i was just wondering with a view of... where can i get one, when i'll have a place for it :).
the sidewalk is historic south miami ave, just one block off brickell ave - mixed residential/financial hi-rise area of miami.
the difference in the feel is amazing. even though brickell has very old majestic canopy trees too, but so miami ave is just residential 1/2 story houses with palm planted median. many gardens are open, no fencing. lots of huge broms, philos, palms, what not.
the sidewalks are lined with very old royal poinciana trees. i'd love to see them in bloom in june!
it's too tempting not to show you what it looks like across the street from that philo: zamia furfuracea in giant clumps under royal poincianas.

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here'a shot of the same type of philo on a different lot.
obviously they are quite old - this is the oldest section of miami. but of course, they could be planted more recently.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

You may wish to also post this in the Aroid Forum. There are some pretty good experts that swing by there every once in awhile.


Here is a link that might be useful: Aroid Forum

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