What do I do???? Sick Plumeria

gardenlady48(z5 IL)December 27, 2012

I was growing a cutting set to me a year ago from the big Island Hawaii. It looked really robust this summer and then a huge storm came knocked it off the table breaking of one of the two large branches. :(
Brought it inside for the season here in Illinois....seemed to be putting out new leaf growth while indoors, but now those are curling up, turning dry and dropping off! What am I doing wrong? please help me save this special plant...what is critical here...water, no water, bright light, low light??


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You probably aren't doing anything wrong. I am originally
from Illinois but now live in Southwest Florida. Here
in Florida when the weather cools down and the days get
shorter the plumerias that are in the ground lose their
leaves. When the weather warms up the leaves will come
back onto the plants. They could be considered a tropical
deciduous shrub. When I had many houseplants in Illinois
they would be in South facing windows and not do too much
until March or April. I would leave it in the same location and water it maybe about every week or 10 days
and in time it should come back. I hope I helped a little

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gardenlady48(z5 IL)

Gardenbysarasota...thank u for your input. I will continue to water sparingly and hope it stays alive until spring. At least you gave me hope ;)
Happy New Year!

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I hope things will go well with your Plumeria have a
great New Year.

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Did she come out of dormancy this year?

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