Indoor rubber plants & sago palm in a moving truck...

nyad(8)February 15, 2012

Hope someone has exp. with this or something parallel. Understand this forum is for indoor and outdoor tropicals and would-be tropicals. My plants have been indoors for 3 years (the sago for 1.5) @ about 65 - 70 degrees. Two very large rubber plants, about 3 feet high including generous, 14" pressed bamboo pots. Plants themselves are 3 or 4 feet in circumference as they are but I plan to tie them just a bit so they're safe as carried through doorways, and (at least in my dreams) stay a little warmer on the truck. The sago palm is about 3.5 - 4' high, about 3' circumference pre-tying, and is in a 12" plastic pot (all these measurements are very approx). Am concerned and hoping just paranoid, at traversing 3 zones: at least part of 6, through 7 and landing in 8. More details: starting out on Feb 29th around noon in State College, PA, cold, high altitude, don't know the temp, guessing about 30 degrees around noon, but out of the wind in the truck (where all furniture and other items are professionally secured and wedged, and each plant will have its own box with padding around its pot). So burlap cover within a corrugated cardboard box. I don't know if I'd be warm so wonder about thinner beings such as plants. Overnight, while we are in hotel rooms in Williamsburg (20 - 30 degrees @ night? I have no idea), the plants will still be in the truck. If I need to move them into the hotel with me I think that will be a huge hassle, plus even the movers will be exhausted, though I'll ask them if I must. I'm afraid I might shock the plants even more by moving them into warmth and then back out into the cold, at least till we get closer to NC. Arriving March 1st, in Wilmington, NC, probably at about 65 - 70 degrees @ 1 or 2 pm, close to ocean climate, and back into a home environment. The process will take about 24 hours all told, because of overnight stay to mitigate 13-hour drive after loading and before unloading truck. Plants will be loaded last and come out first. However, is this kind of time frame and temp change even possible without killing them? Should I give them away and forget about it? Obviously that's my last resort so, if anyone can offer some tips other than "don't be attached to the outcome," which I must keep in mind, I want to do all I can to make them happy. I have 3 lovely, smaller Crotons and a potted thyme which will go in my car, I may take them into the hotel because they are smaller. THANKS!!

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I moved from Kansas City, in a 26' Uhaul, 50% filled with tropical plants - took 2 days and they didn't miss a beat - they will be fine.

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Thanks, Kay! I take it you mean they weathered big changes in temp, too....It was lovely to get your message.

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