Shell Ginger bloom in Feb?

gardengrove_ac(z6 MD)February 15, 2007

Hello everyone,

This is a re-post from the Ginger forum, which has apperently gone dormant for winter. About two weeks ago I re-potted a non-varigated shell ginger I have growing in my college greenhouse. The plant was massively rootbound, but still very vigorous. I chose this time of year because I felt that it would give the roots a chance to grow before spring. Anyway, within a few days of the re-pot, on of the larger fronds sent out a cluster of blooms. The plant doesn't seem stressed from its move, so I'm wondering why in the world this plant chose to bloom so rapidly after transplant. Its canes are about 8' long, and it has bloomed in the past only in late June. Just curious if anyone else can relate to this? Also, while I'm creating a new thread, what would a good time to get my Siam Tulips out into the sun and resume watering? They've been chillin' dormant since December, should I give them a few more weeks and wake them up around the same time as my Plumeria? Any discussion or answers would be appreciated.



This is the plant about a week ago, if you follow to cane straight in front up into the rubber tree foliage you can see the bud; I'll take pictures after the weekend when the flowers start to open, currently it looks like dangling pink pearls.

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