Low sugar tomato?

musaboru(Inland Calif.)February 21, 2011

This might sound strange of me looking for a low sugar tomato, but my mom is diabetic and I am looking to grow a tomato that she can enjoy. I know I'll definitely not consider anything with the word 'sweet' in the varietal name.

Would anyone know of a cherry tomato that is quite low in sugar content when ripe? Sour is good. I'm interested some black tomatoes too. Thanks.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Carbohydrate is the general word that includes various sugars and there are many different sugars. I don't know of any chart that specifically lists individual tomato varieties and their individual sugar contents, b'c again, there are many different sugars.

THe link below will give you an idea of how tomatoes stack up to other foods and about one cup of raw diced tomatoes is about the same as one raw carrot.

Your mother I'm sure has at one time or another been given information from her MD about what constitutes a diabetic diet or you can easily find that online if not, but I think most docs take diabetes very seriously and would have helped educate a patient in that regard.

And if you looked at any of the suggested food groups on that diet you'd also see lots of fruits and vegetables suggested, tomatoes being one of them.

There's a big difference with sugar content between carbohydrate content being what's called complex, which takes longer to break down into individual sugars, and non complex which would include fudge, orange juice, well I'm not going to list stuff here. But orange juice is a good example b/c if the glucose level drops too low, a problem I've never had, ahem, then orange juice is one of the main items sugggested to drink ASAP to get the glucose level up in a hurry.

Diabetics do best with foods that have complex carbohydrates.

I'm a diabetic.

And I don't worry one bit about eating fresh or canned tomatoes, or fresh salsa or whatever. Actually I eat lots of tomatoes. LOL

You can consult with your mom's MD b/c I don't want to be accused of giving medical advice to someone but I bet he or she would also advise you mom about the role of tomatoes in a well balanced diabetic diet.

So if it looks like I'm suggesting growing any darn tomato varieties you want to I guess that's what I'm saying.

And do take a look at the chart I linked to below which indicates total carbohydrate values for different foods and also indicates the amount of food, 1 cup, 2 tbs, whatever, that equates to that amount.

Carolyn, who cheats when it comes to her diet, but knows when b'c as with all diabetics, I would hope, has this glucose meter that tells all. ( smile)

Here is a link that might be useful: Carbohydrate Content of Foods

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Good info from Carolyn. To put it simply, tomatoes of any kind including those with 'sweet' in the name, are not restricted in a diabetic diet. They play a big role in the standard approved diabetic diet. Just ask her doctor.

Technically, there is no such thing as a low-sugar tomato. All tomatoes are acidic. There are just some varieties that "taste" more sweet/less acidic. ;) Your Mom may prefer a more acidic taste in her tomatoes but that is just a matter of taste and is not related to her diabetes.


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Best advice was posted by Carolyn. Test 2 hours after eating because everyone reacts differently. Not every tomato effects me the same way. Those that are dead ripe tend to have fully developed their sugar carbohydrates and do send my glucose up. I am type 2 so take that into consideration.

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I'm a diabetic. What I would recommend your mom do is. When she has not eaten anything check her glucose level. Then eat a tomato. Wait 2 hrs and check it again. That way she will know how the tomato effects her glucose level. I can eat all the tomatoes I want with no problems.

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I wish one of you guys had looked into which breeds of tomato are lower sugar, rather than just focusing on the diabetes aspect of OP's question.

This thread is the top result on google for "low sugar tomatoes" and there is no actual info in the thread about which breeds would be best.

Members of my family need to eat low carb since they are on ketogenic diets, this would be good info to have.

Anyone know what breeds of tomato might be lower in sugar, or whether anyone has tested?

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I just Googled the question. One article said that tangy tomatoes are lower in sugar than sweet ones. I tried to link but it didn't work. I'm still learning my way around a new Google Chrome computer.

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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

A tomato is about 94.5% water. That leaves 5.5% solids. Any typical tomato has half of the solids being sugars (2.75%). Of those 2.75% about half are Glucose if it is nice and ripe. Call it 1.5%.

That is very low.

You canâÂÂt just say variety X is a diet or low sugar tomato, because conditions of the harvest are what dictate the sugar content. That said, the easiest place to get a low sugar tomato is to buy one of the lousy cardboard commercial mass produced green gassed tomatoes at the supermarket. These tomatoes will be the lowest sugar you can find. The less taste it has the better, same as most diet soft drinks. The difference is probably a store bought cardboard tomato having 1% simple sugar (call it your 1% lite blue cap tomato) and your good home grown heirloom having 2%, properly matured, call it your red cap tomato. Doesn't really matter much what cow, errr, variety. You just want a tasteless tomato, to which you can perhaps add some fresh basil, artificial sweetener and a little vinegar to design whatever you feel is appropriate and meets the good taste your Mom deserves. Given these differences I doubt it makes any difference but others can answer that better who live with Diabetes.

Good luck and I hope your Mom can have something she enjoys. Eating half as much of a delicious heirloom sounds like a better plan to me than wanting twice as much of a cardboard red thingy.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I have a diabetic long time friend. He eats just about all kinds of fruits and vegetables, like banana, carrots, apples .. along with his medication.
He has told me that what is important is total calorie intake, not just carbs. Carbs in fruits and vegetables are not like sugar (granular) in soft drinks. So per PC's numbers, if you eat 3 oz a good tasty tomato you might get about ONE gram of sugar. Is that too much for you ?
I suppose there are different severity of diabetic . So the best way to to talk to your MD.

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