bihai(zone 9)February 3, 2006

I have a chance to buy an allspice tree. Its in a 5 gallon container, about 5 feet tall. They want $45 for it. Is that reasonable???? I could plant it in the ground in the greenhouse. I read that they get 20-25 ft tall. Are they slow enough growing that it wouldn't outgrow the greenhouse roof (20 ft) before I die (I'm 46)?

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I think that is reasonable for the size.... I dont' know about growing though.

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bihai(zone 9)

well, I went ahead and got it. Once I rubbed the leaves and smelled that smell, I couldn;t resist

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lucky you! I want one! :D

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)


~~~Hmmm. Zone envy / GH envy too! ~~~ :-)


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Yeah, me too, all that, and more. Hey, Bihai!


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It's a relatively slower growing tree outdoors here in so. FL, so in a greenhouse, you could manipulate it easily by regulating water, fertilizer.

But, you can always take out the central leader now to promote a branched specimen and then pinch tips over the next several years based on your space needs.

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Ricky just showed us one at his house today. Beautiful tree and the aroma of the crushed leaves was unbelievable. Enjoy it, it's a great find!

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buy it, they smell incredibly good - the leaves that is, I bought one at the Mounts Botanical Garden's annual fall sale in 04 along with a cinnamon, bay rum, several other trees and must say those 3 have held up the best out of all, hurricanes and cold temps this winter notwithstanding. They will not grow very large nor quickly but are untroubled by pests and delightfull to look at, especially when everything else looks either bare, brown or just plain tousled, buy it and enjoy!

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Hi Bihai. I got one early this month at the local tropical fruit clubs sale real cheap but I would have paid more for it. It is a beauty and the lady I got it from said it would grow very slowly and does well in a pot. I am going to keep mine potted at least for the time being so that it is where I can rub the leaves and enjoy it everytime I am on the brick patio. It is the same size as yours and I am loving it, hope you enjoy yours as much

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I have a 20 foot tall allspice tree in my front yard that was planted by my father about 20 years ago when it was about 3 feet tall in a pot. It's really the biggest allspice tree I've ever seen over here (in Hawaii), but it's too close to the front of my house and I'm afraid that if it got blown down it would damage my roof, so unfortunately, it has to be cut soon.

If I cut it down, will the trunk sprout new branches? The trunk itself is almost 10 inches in diameter.

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I bought a Allspice tree from Lowes about 2 years ago, it is planted in mostly sandy soil, I live almost on the Bay in Corpus Christi. It has almost doubled in size from about 3 ft to 6 ft. This year it is full of blooms, I have read where you need both male and female trees to produce fruit, I guess I will see soon! I love the tree and get many compliments on the tree and the fragrance. Good Luck.

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The best part about having a Pimento/Allspice tree is the taste and smell the wood or even just a few leafs will impart to grilled food.

Its actually the main secret component for the special taste and smell of real Jamaican jerk. If you have ever been to Jamaica and smelled the delious aroma around a jerk pork stand thats Pimento wood smoke you were smelling.

Next time you grill outdoors take a few green leafs and place them on hot charcoal right before cooking some chicken or steaks.

If you are doing any tree pruning save the wood to use for grilling meat. After trying it you'll start plotting how to get more for your next bbq...

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wow...i just bought a 5' tall 3G allspice tree in homestead, FL for $7.50 a few days no thats not reasonable!!! Take a few hour trip down to homestead, FL with a pickup truck to buy all your trees and plants (have a plan of exactly what u plan to get). This is where every plant u could ever want is available for wholesale!!
(Doug Ingram Nursery is my fav.-do a google search).

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yes thats reasonable.

i just bought a lemon bay rum tree that is 4 feet in a 3 gal. for $20 this weekend from a local nursery

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my 24ft allspice tree planted outdoors in Orlando got hit by frost this winter, this is the worst hit that it has taken.
All The leaves are reddish brown and the scent is not as intense. some of the bark has split but I am seeing little leaves growing at the base of the trunk.
Should I fertilize it, remove all the dead leaves, and prune the driest branches to spped up the recovery ?

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