growing tomatoes/peppers in containers

winchAugust 28, 2006


Am growing tomatoes and peppers in 15" pots using a mixture of potting soil and some perlite. Tomatoes are cherry,some beefsteaks and a few early varieties.I like Burpee sweet tangerine(great taste). Have 4 sweet peppers(better belle improved) in 2 pots which are really prolific.Have harvested a dozen from each and they are still going strong.

I woudld appreciate any new ideas and suggestions.

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I am about to plant some Walmart generic tomato seeds that sprouteds inside the fruit. I can't resist it....

Any way, my tomato objective is Campari. If you know a firmer and juicier variety....

Then Amargosa....however you spell it.

Also, it figures that the first thread in the new gallery doesn't have pictures :(

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