PICKERING Mango Tree Flowering

jacob13January 26, 2011

Hello Friends,

The Weather has been Great here in Southern California resulting in many things breaking dormancy a lot earlier than normal. We have been blessed with 70 to 80 degree weather for the last few weeks and have caused many things in my yard to bloom and flush. Both my 'Pickering' Mango tree and my 'Hak Ip' Lychee tree have benefitted Greatly from the unusually early warm weather we've had.

My 'Hak Ip' Lychee tree which has growth flushes consistently throughout the tree that look Great.

Some Nice Healthy Vegetative/Leaf Growth Flushes

But Wait......are those some Flower Buds Hiding in There?

'Pickering' Mango Tree

Close up of Flower Buds

Hopefully I will get a fruit or 2 from both the 'Pickering' Mango and the 'Hak Ip' Lychee trees. I have yet to get fruit from either. I also have a Sweetheart Lychee tree that is also in a Hard Growth Flush of both Vegetative and Flower Flushes.

I plan on Planting out the 'Hak Ip' this year as I believe it will finally be able to withstand the Weather all year round. I think it should be okay, hopefull I am right!

The 'Pickering' seems to love it inside the Greenhouse and is growing so well inside, so I plan on leaving it in the pot for at least 1 more Winter before I consider putting it into the ground.

- Jacob

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Wow Jacob, your trees look very healthy. What part of SoCal do you live? I'm in the Mira Mesa area and the warm weather has induced a veg growth flush on my Sweetheart Lychee. I'm hoping theres enough cold left this winter to induce flowers.

Right now my Glenn, Carrie and Tebow mango are blooming and I plan on removing all fruit once they are thumb size. If you are close by, perhaps we can swap scions?

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What a beauty of a tree Jacob, it'll be nice to see some fruit on it soon.


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

If I'm not mistaken Simon, Jacob lives in Santa Barbara...

Jacob - super splendid blooms on the Pickering. That Greenhouse of yours sure shelters some nice plants....ya got a great thing going there, bro...

I think (now watch me jinx it!) that my Edward Mango is pushing little buds - I'll take a pic in a few days and post it....

yes, this weather we're having - isn't it wonderful? Should stay with us at least in to the first week of Feb. Then there's that short month before we're OUT OF THE WOODS!!!!!!!!!

ya hooooooo.....


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yaslan(8 WA state)

Hi Jacob!

Your mango and lychee are looking very nice and healthy! I hope ya get fruits too. Also, I do envy your nice CA weather!

Happy growing,


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yaslan(8 WA state)

Hi Jacob,

I also wanted to ask ya, where did you buy your rambutans? HOpefully, they're still in season...



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Wow, what a beauty! I'm interested to know if you grow guanabana or mamey sapote. I've seen your mamoncillos they look amazing. I think I'm going to buy a small one like yours and call it a shed, you think my wife will fall for it?

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Hello Friends,

simon_grows - Thanks for the compliments, I am in Santa Barbara and extend the invitation to anyone who wants to stop by. Weekends are best as I work Monday - Friday

Ethan - Thanks for the compliments my Cali Brother

MangoPerro - Nice to hear about the Edward. That is the next tree on my list. Have you had any fruit or tasted one. Curious to hear how it tastes from someone here on the West Coast. Cross the fingers, we are almost there...

Bo - Thank you also. As for the Rambutans, here is the link from where I purchased them: http://www.hawaiitropicalfruits.com/ The Rambutans were absolutely perfect. So sweet and Juicy and the cheapest you will find them by far. 8lbs for $30 which included shipping.

Joe - Thanks for the Compliments. I dont have a Guanbana or Mamey Sapote but I have a Green Sapote. It's about 4 feet tall and growing pretty Fast. It's loving the Greenhouse

- Jacob

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Jacob -

Where did you buy your Green Sapote and could you please pst a pic? I got mine in Mimosa and it's also putting out some nice new growth. Roger Meyer has some really nice Green Sapotes but they are seedling. With your green house I thing you would be able to fruit a grafted Mamey and a Guanabana with no problem. Could you please send me a link where you bought your small GH?

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Jacob - another question

I am going to repot my Carrie mango on one of those half wooden barrel, I would like to know what type of mix you would recommend? I have a Mallika that I repotted last year successfully and I used Laguna Nursery's own mix but they went out of business.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Awesome trees Jacob!! I used to have a couple of nice young lychee trees till they both froze last winter! Trusted this product that was suppose to protect them from freezing...let's just say it didn't work for me. I miss having them.

Best of luck with yours...looks like you're going to get some delicious fruits.

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Congrats on such beautiful trees! Last year I tried my first Pickering and so far it is my favorite little tree. I keep searching for a picture of a mature one to see how big it will get (other than what PI says) and the largest I found so far is the one posted by Harry.
Pikering.... Yum, yum, yum!!!!!

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Jacob - have NOT tasted a Edward, but all the literature and Harry say they are great, so that's good enough for me....and will probably taste my first one this year, and you can be sure I will report on that...
but I'm led to a question about "shy Bearers' like our Edward, the one big negative reputation it has - think I'll post it as a new topic....

(I still can't get over how healthy your trees look, Jacob - if I'm ever up in your area, would love to poke my head in and take a LIVE peak, then pick your green brain as to how you do it! And of course if you are ever out here in the desert, would be happy to show you my little piece of mango terra firma....)


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Hello Friends,

So, My Pickering Mango Tree is in Full bloom with tons of Flowers. I recently inspected the flowers and noticed about 20-30 BB sized Mangos growing.....Hooray! Seeing as the tree is still on the small side, should I pick off the small fruit? Or, since it is a Dwarf tree and known to fruit at a young age and a small size, will it be okay if I leave it alone and let nature take its course?

What are all of your thoughts?

- Jacob

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it depends how stout the trunk is. if its a whip the weight of the mangos hanging in the wind can damage branches. if the trunk is established enough where the weight of the mangos and wind wont make it sway they will develop

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hey Jacob, I posted this response (below)on the other thread about my Pickering...Scroll down the last post. Bottom line is its up to you. Most people recommend you let the tree get some size before letting them fruit...so the tree is stronger/mature. Put the energy towards new growths instead of fruits as it does set back your tree. Sometimes, human nature gets the better of us and we're impatient and want to try just "one or two" fruit. Your call of course. My own personal experience is the tree usually won't hold the fruits unless its mature enough...my Glenn did this. Bloomed twice but never fruited(tiny fruits all fell off) until the third year. Yet the Pickering fruited for me in only a few months...

MK is right btw, I had to use wood dowels to hold up the mango or the weight would have broken or snapped the weak branches that held the mangoes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coconut Flavored Mango...

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Simon Grow, I am in Mira Mesa as well. I am looking for a dwarf mango that I can get locally. Do you know any nurseries around other than ONG Nursery?


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I've never been able to obtain dwarf stock from any local nurseries out here. You can try California tropical fruit trees up in Vista and see if they have any dwarf stock. Another option is to call Mimosa nursery in LA and see what they have as far as dwarf varieties. Your best bet is to shipped it out from back east.

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