I need Help with my Bougainvillea, (please)...

jumbojimmy(Australa)March 10, 2007

Please help me here: I hope this is the right forum

Okay, this is my third time trying to grow a bougainvillea. The first 2 bougainvilleas that I got died because i didn't know how to look after them. I now understand that bougainvilleas prefer rootbound, dryness between watering and full sun.

My questions are:

1. Judging by my photos (link provided), should I repot my bougainvillea?

2. I'm planning to water it every 8 days. Today was hot, and I noticed that the leaves are dropey and white scar appears on the pink brackets...should i water it? Would that kill my plant because I watered it 3 days ago. I read that bougainvilleas like to be neglected.

3. what are the white scars telling me? Is the sun to "hot"? I thought they love it hot.

Please help


Here is a link that might be useful: Help me with my bougainvillea

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How hot is it getting there? You could pot it into a 2 gallon pot, using perlite to give it drainage. When it is over 100º I only water my boug maybe every other day. It' better to schedule the watering to the plant's needs that just give it an arbitrary watering schedule. It likes to dry out a bit, so let it, then water it well again.

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