Transplanted hibiscus drying up!!

sarongMarch 31, 2008

I posted this one on hibiscus forum, but got no reply so I am trying here now.

10 days ago I moved 1.5 m high hibiscus tree from one part of the garden to another. It used to be under big tree and it barely flowered so I decided to move it to a more sunny location.

However, the soil here is pure sand and it was very dificult to move it with soil attached. While digging it up all the soil fell off, together with one big root. I transplanted it immediately and watered it.

Since then, the leaves have been drying up and now most of them is darker in colour and papery.

I sprinkle leaves with water few times a day, pruned it back a bit and fertilized. Is there anything else I can do to help it?

Appreciate all the help

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

I just had to transplant a hibiscus (a little smaller than yours). I underestimated the root ball size and ended up severing most of the roots. I transplanted it anyway. Gave it water every few days.

It looked dead for a while (about 2 weeks)- lost all its leaves.
Now, it is in flush and has re-leafed. Maybe yours will too.
Good luck.

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If I were you, I'd replant your hibiscus again without fertilizer.That will burn it & it will most likely die for sure! Don't fertilize until it is established in it's new location-just keep the soil moist until leaves are sprouting & then fertilize when the leaves are pretty close to full size. It should be established by then & ok to fertilize.

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I replied on the hibiscus forum.

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thank you all for answering!

Jollyjp - i know now that fertilizing was a mistake, but i am afraid if i move it will be even worse. Soil is sand here, so maybe the fertilizer got flushed out with water...

manure shoes - thanks for your post.I was wondering why bottom leaves are going dry first. I will get rid of more leaves now.


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Sarong, anytime you dig up and transplant, the poor plant looks awful..but with time, it'll perk up. It's worse when roots break, and some plants have many many roots..
Another problem is, the spot you dug up the Hib 'might' send out new growth from the original plant, in your case, hibiscus..
What type of hib is it? One trunk or multi branches/plants?
I have a few hardy hibs growing front grows tall, white-flowered hibs..I don't know how many times I dug up stray hibs, yet they continue growing..It's like a darn weed!!
I've also got that problem with Datura..It now grows everywhere, including out back, a good distance from the front where this plant first started..I wish you luck, be patient..If you use Superthrive, make a gallon and water soil where you transplanted to.
I wouldn't keep moving around..relocating is stressful, so if it's planted in a sunny spot, and you're satisfied, keep it there..Toni

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