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ourhappyhome(7B)February 7, 2013

I seem to find myself here every year. This frustrating point of trying to decide which variety will be the last to make the cutoff. Oh to have unlimited gardening space! Some people pray for more money. I pray for a larger garden each and every year. This year, I am fortunate to have space for about 10 plants. Here is a list of what I've decided to grow. All except 1884 have sprouted.

2x German Pink - flavor
Boxcar Willie - production and canning
Lucky Cross - flavor and more seed
Cuostralee - new
1884 - new
Ildi - new cherry
Eva's Purple Ball - love this little engine

Help me decide between:
Prue - I've read rave reviews of fantastic flavor. productivity unknown
Moskovich - this would fill the early gap and is said to be very good. productivity unknown
Cosmonaut Volkov - I've seen pics of this as a very large, somewhat ribbed, red fruit with outstanding flavor.

The 10th spot is reserved for Indian Stripe, a black variety that I've heard is absolutely delicious. I'd like to trade for this one if anyone is interested. If I can't trade for them, I'm going to bite the bullet and purchase a packet for $4!!! I've heard it's worth every cent.

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Pardon the spelling. I believe that should be Moskvich.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

No contest IMO, grow Prue.

As for Indian Stripe, one of my faves, if you can't trade for it in the seed exchange I see no reason why you should be paying $4/pack.

I've linked below to Tania's page for it and when through reading there, and I'm the Carolyn Male referred to there, click on Seed Availability and from those companies I think
Mike at Victory Seed has perhaps the best prices, but you might want to check out TGS as well.

IN a seed offer elsewhere I offered an Indian Stripe PL and for my recent offer, now closed, an Indian Stripe Heart, but I'm pretty sure no commercial places are offering those yet.

Cherokee Purple which was referred to in the link below really is IMO very closely related to Indian Stripe and now there's also actually two CP PL's and most recently a CP heart.

Hope that helps,


Here is a link that might be useful: Indian Stripe

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Thank so much Carolyn. Your comments about Prue are among those I read. Apparently, it's a real winner. I couldn't find one negative comment about it. The same with Indian Stripe. Tatiana does not offer Indian Stripe and Gary's price is $3.95/packet. This is the $4 I referred to in my post which does not include shipping. I will try for a few seeds in the Exchange forum before buying.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Did you check Victory Seeds and TGS for prices?

Actually buying just one pack of seeds from anywhere isn't such a good deal b'c of the shipping cost, although Sandhill is the lowest of all I know, but as I recall, without going back to check, Glenn doesn't have it for 2013, and always good to check availability from Remy's Sample Seed Shop as well, just in geneneral.


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How is it that I've never heard of Remy's sample seed shop until now? What a great resource. $1.25 is an excellent price. I am bookmarking them for next year. He has quite a few that I haven't tried.

TGS has Indian Stripe for $3. That's a bit better. If I am unable to make a trade, I will bite the bullet. I've got the fever!

Thanks Carolyn. U. R. Awesome. I will post back here if I make a trade.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I have no idea why you haven't heard of Remy's site before b'c I don't know what message sites you do look at. And don't mention them here at GW b'c to do so can get you banned, last time I knew, which is not a policy at any other message site where I read/post.

Remy is a she, not a he, and I've known her for many years. Her website is great and her own personal hobby is growing wonderful roses. She lives/gardens in W NYS where as I do the same in Eastern NYS but being in NYS together is not how we met, which I can't even remember.

She lives near Buffalo and one time as a surprise, maybe b'c I'd sent her some seeds to trial, she drove the short distance to Buffalo to HER fave candy store, which has been in that family for over 100 years and sent me some lucious goodies. LOL

Carolyn, who, b'c she's a Senior Citizen and posting about tomatoes since the early 80's knows the owners of MANY seed vendors, especially those dealing with tomato seed, but not exclusively.

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Thanks for the correction Carolyn. Don't know why I assumed she was a he!
I spent a little while kicking around the site and came across a few familiar names. I found two that I'm going to try this year in place of 1 Cuostralee and Indian stripe. The best part is, i already have the seed. They are....... Zogola and Vorlon. Yum yum is all I can say. I want to try something different this year. Too much of the same old same. These two varieties, along with Prue will add a splash to my garden and give me something new to look forward to. I really hope something in this batch makes good tomato sauce as I do not have a paste tomato this year.

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Glenn does have Indian Stripe, for $2.50 pack of 25 seeds.


Here is a link that might be useful: Gleckler Seedmen - Indian Stripe

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Thanks Susan. Heading there now!

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carolync1(z8/9 CA inland)

I wouldn't say that Cosmonaut Volkov is consistently a "very large" tomato, but it is a nice one.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Some people pray for money .

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