'Dwarf' Mango plants at Lowes

bihai(zone 9)March 16, 2006

I was at Lowes yesterday looking for something and they had a shipment of "dwarf" Mango trees they were selling for about $30. Unfortunately they weren't quite "dwarf" enough, the tags said they still get 25-30 ft tall and 20 ft in width, still not quite the "patio mango" I would need for my greenhouse with the 20 ft ceiling.

They also had a listed hardiness of 32F which makes then almost certain to get killed outdoors here when we have a hard freeze to the 20's.

But, its a start...maybe we will see some of the smaller, true "dwarves" appear soon!

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Doesn't matter. With proper pruning practices, you can keep the mango well within the boundaries of your greenhouse.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

That would be true but a "dwarf"would be a much better choice. There are many types and cultivars which produce different tasting fruit and will produce at a much smaller size.
Ask Lisa over in the Florida forum she 's a nut for "dwarf" fruit trees. She can tell you sizes and names of the cultivars and a source.

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I bought a Nam Doc Thai patio mango at Lowes at 1/2 price a week or so ago [14.99] The tag says it gets to be 15'X 15'

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The NamDoc's and the Manila's and all of that type are dwarf when grown in a container.Sort of. Four-five years of being in a pot holds them down to 6-9'. Pruning keeps them that way. But,they do bare tasty ,small Mangoe's ripening in late summer .
Mangoes grown where they don't grow are sure to A-maze.

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