Anybody know the name of this variegated brugmansia?

audrey_gwMarch 21, 2010

I bought this at a local greenhouse, where--if I recall correctly--the label only said "brugmansia," but didn't specify which type. In the contrary way of plants, it didn't bloom at all outdoors last summer, but has just begun to bloom indoors under the grow lights. So I would like to know what name to put with the photo. The flowers were just a pale yellow when they first came out. But I see that, as they age, they are taking on more of a peach-y hue.

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It might be a Maya but without a label you can't be positive. The blooms look white in this pic but Maya starts out a creamy color and darkens to a peachy color.

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Thanks for your help. I ran across another type, Peaches and Cream, which is also a possibility. So I guess I will have to ask the greenhouse guy, if I get down there again this spring. Though the fact that he didn't include the name may turn out to mean that he didn't know it. Thanks again.

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