Interesting Longan cultivar from the far South East

soaht(Central CA 9B)January 4, 2013

I was browsing the net on the different longan varieties and came a cross something called Brazilian longan,but upon further research the correct term being used is Fijian longan. At first I thought it was the same as the Spanish lime, but the leaves were a lot bigger, long and broad. It can be found from Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia, to Papua New guinea and the pacific Islands. What's interesting is the growing habit and when it start bearing fruit. In one of the blog I read it said that grown from seed, it will start fruiting as young as 2 years but more commonly 5. The smell is also very interesting, having similar fragrance as the durian when very ripe and having similar taste to a lychee with the texture of longan, but not as sweet and juciy like the lychee. The fruit color comes in 2 color green and a reddish brown even dark purple/black looking. Now that's is an interesting fruit I would like to get my hands on. Grown from seeds and bearing fruit with in 2 years would save so much money and time from purchasing expensive air layer and grafted trees. Does anyone know more about this longan cultivar or heard of it?

sorry not the clearest picture I could find but gives you an idea how big the fruits and leaves are

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Hi Soaht i might have the seeds when the fruit is in season in Singapore. I'll let you know if i come across them in the fruit section. maybe we could work something out :)

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

That would be nice if you could get me some seeds,but I'm afraid I might have to obtain a import permit first. I've have gotten seeds from China before and it was fine with out one, so maybe I won't need one after all? Can you tell me about it a little since they are also found in Singapore? Can they bear that early at 2 years? I would think the plant would still be small then. You can also email me from my page all the info you know about it.

Thank you for any information

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I'm not sure whether will if flower as early as the 2nd year it's planted but I do have neighbours whom have planted them years back ( young tree ) flowering n fruiting consistently.
I recently come across a couple of potted ones in nursery already in flowering n setting a couple of bunch of fruits so
i do think they flower at a quick pace. just my opinion, i usually get the fruits from the market. Could i just mail it out to you? where you located?

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

In California, USA. California has very strict agriculture laws on stuff that comes from other country. So i'm not sure if you could send them, but you can still try. Just email me at for contact info. I saw a blog on the internet that says they grew the plant from seeds and it started fruiting in their second year. That's why I said that, here's the link to that blog, I think they were from Malaysia or singapore. here's the link to that blog

just scroll down that page and one of the picture says that it bears in the second year.

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I too would love to get some seeds of the Fijian Longan (Pometia Pinnata) or Matoa Fruit. I am in the United states. Please email or message me so that we can talk.



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Hi! Does anyone know about its fruiting habits? Is it a heavy bearer?

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