Overwintering experiment worked

billjoebobMarch 7, 2010

I'm a tropical plant nut. For the first time they all survived overwintering. I do not have a basement, so I took a spare bedroom and emptied it out. This is how it worked. I potted up the following: Hibiscus, Alemanda, Tibouchina, Oleander, Desert rose, Brugmansia, and many gingers. Used regular old garden dirt.

I put them all in this spare bedroom Halloween weekend. I cut off the heat and pulled down the shades. Every two weeks I gave each a cup of water. I bought a thermometer and it read 50 degrees. If it got warmer, I cracked the windows.

March 1st, I took them all out and put them in my carport. Even with temps in the 50's/ high 30's, they are already coming back.

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Congratulations!! So happy for you, it is such a great feeling to see that your efforts paid off.Now you are giving me an idea for next winter. Marcie

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Im glad that it worked for you! My hibiscus have been in half-dead mode all winter, and they always come back well in the spring. As long as they dont get a frost they do well, and sometimes they do see a frost and still come back (but very slowly) Im surprised the desert rose went dormant well for you since they look so tropical, but those bases do hold a lot of water, so I guess they dont mind being dry.

Congratulations and good luck!

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