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rocknrolltravelMarch 3, 2007

Hello all! I have a question for any of you growing coffee plants. Over this past winter I purchased a few coffee plants and I am curious because the leaves seem to turn brown at the tips and the lower leaves seem to turn yellow and fall off. I have heard others say this happens to them but I don't know if it is normal or if something is wrong with it. I have found a few mealy bugs but my plants are small enough that I should have gotten most of them off by hand and then I sprayed it with safer soap.

Last night I was at Lowe's and they had a few young coffee plants and to my surprise they looked like mine...some burnt looking leaves and just not real healthy looking. I have thought maybe they have some fungal problem because sometimes I see a white residue on the leaves but I also saw this at the plants at lowe's so I was thinking maybe the leaves are prone to water spots? Also maybe it is the cooler conditions in my house. At night and during the day it probably gets into the lower 60s near the windows with the cold Kansas wind.

Please let me know if you all have any ideas. I appreciate it.


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I have the same "problem". I think it is due to lower than ideal humidity. I could be wrong, however.

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If it reassures you, the same thing happens to coffee plants outside in the ground here in winter--many will have either lots of yellowed leaves or leaves with brown on them. Lack of humidity and cold will bring that on.

Yellow/tired leaves also happen in August if plant is in a lot of sun even with high humidity and ample water and good soil.

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You must have been reading my mind. Last spring I got a heck of a coffee plant (actually about 6 seedlings in one pot) via mailorder. I kept em watered and with filtered sun. They were doing just fine! Now, they are doing what yours are doing (but no yellow leaves, just browning at the edges). I think it's because of low humidity where I am at. It even put out a little bit of new growth this winter! Hopefully when I re-pot in spring it'll come back. It's not dead, just not happy looking.

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I agree, probably humidity and seasonal. Mine are have filtered sun in the afternoon. Full sun almost killed them! The humidity around her has picked up the last couple of weeks and they are looking great right now.

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It has to be remembered that all woody plants lose older leaves naturally over time, as those oldest leaves are shed over time, but telling how much is "natural" or how much is caused by disease, insects, or envionmental factors, may be puzzling sometimes. In my case buying some very cheap seedlings gave me the opportunity to thin out the crowded pots and to repot a number of them into individual pots very cheaply, but I do notice mine will from time to time lose large numbers of the oldest leaves, while the tops look perfectly healthy and fast growing, with no sings of disease evident nor insects. I must say though it seems with our still fluctuating temperatures outdoors and nearest the windows where they're growing seems to cause the sudden drop, and of course with the furnace running more during cold snaps the humidity drops somewhat , though in general in my case a drop from near 70% humidity, to only 60%, and normally I'd think that level should still be high enough . Perhaps not, and also it could be a sensitivity to fluctuating soil moisture , with them sometimes being too dry and at others too wet. I do note as expected looking at photos of older sepcimens in pots on various web sites, the older ones do all have bare lower trunks as do most trees and bushes in nature. Next summer may mean a trip to the outdoors for the first time to see how that agrees with some during our short summer. At any rate after a number of those sudden leaf drops, I've learned not to expect imminent death for mine, and they do keep on growing and looking pretty healthy overall.

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My coffee tree - a 5 year old, 7 ft high - has been having the same issue.

It was moved from a western exposure to full southern sun in August, and soon after wards it started developing buds, blooming, and now coffee pods are growing.

However, around the same time, I started seeing a lot of lower/inner leaf yellowing and drop-off. This tree has never had an issue with browning tips even though our water is heavily chlorinated and the humidity in here is around 50%.

It is growing well, has grown around 2.5 feet in the past 8 months, actually! I recently potted up and it was pretty root-bound. I checked for root-rot and everything looked healthy. There hasn't been a change in the number of yellowing leaves.

It is on a regular watering schedule and never gets too wet or too dry.

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I think they should be looking like this one.

I wish! I took "Cherries" from this plant near Kona and have grown a few. They are now awakening from the winter blues. Mine dropped yellow leaves etc during the winter, though nearly always humid here.

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How often should a large coffee plant be watered and how much water should be given? Should plant be in filtered light? When and how much fertilizer should be given and what type?
I have a large plant that has lost a lot of leaves. It is about 8+ feet tall. When should I be worried that it will not recover?

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I keep the soil moist with sharp drainage. I give it filtered light. Normal fertilzer or 'natural' for flowers. Leaf drop is common as long as the plant stays warm and healthy. Humidity above 40% and when in my greenhouse ocillating fan.

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I have a young coffee plant, and I am wondering if anyone suggests putting it outside during the warm months zone 7 or in a glass greenhouse or is it best to keep indoors all year?

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