Coffee plants

Dustin_Porretto(8)March 7, 2013

I have a few coffee plants that I bought from Amazon a few years ago. They are about 3-4 feet tall and have many leaves, but I have been unable to get them to produce coffee berries.

Am I missing something? How old should they be and is there anything else that needs to be done to them to produce berries?



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I too have coffee plants that have never fruited. I was told I my kids would see them fruit before I do.

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Blooming in a coffee tree is initiated by the slightly cooler and dryer conditions of the winter in coffee growing areas. they need fed a 22-5-20 fertilizer with supplemental magnesium (epsom salts) twice a tear. At 3-4 feet they need about two heaping tbs fert 3 times a year. Re-pot every year to a bigger pot till they reach your t'hold of pain. CTAHR/UH website has some great info if you want to grow coffee. Foliar analysis is WORTH it!

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Oops, forgot to mention the above plant is 32 months old, N. alabama. they live in a greenhouse for winter and outside in shade protected from wind during summer.

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WOW! Your coffee plants seems to be growing very healthy.

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