What plant is this?

MrBlubs(3a)March 2, 2013

I was at Costco yesterday and they had plants for sale so I got three. I know I bought a peace lily and a heart philodenron but the third plant I got I have no idea what it is.. Ive been searching up on the onternet and even the company website that it cane from and nothing! It looks like a pony tail palm but I dont think it is because well arnt pont tail palms trunks suppose to be upwards not flat and in a clump?

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Heres Just another picture of the whole plant

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A Nolina of some kind?

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Ponytail Palm aka Beaucarnea recurvata. The leaves are VERY SHARP, as sharp as a razor blade - be careful - they will cut you deeply!!!!

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Definitely a ponytail palm. It looks like they planted several in a single pot which is why there are so many so close to each other.
Nice plant!

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Thanks for the help!

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