UPDATE: Birthday Extravaganza Birthday Buddies for April #2

flwrs4everApril 18, 2009

We needed a NEW thread to keep the APRIL BDAY month going..

YES I am home BUT I need a few days to recover physically..that is why I had asked Nikki to do the whole month. Nikki THANKS BUNCHES for your help !!

I came home to some WONDERFUL Bday cards, I will come back soon to do thank you, but it sure made coming home a lot of fun !!

OK, keep mailboxing APRIL BUDDIES !!!!!!!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

Hello April Birthday folks! I will be mailing out cards towards the end of the month (payday) but they will be coming.

My WSing jugs are doing pretty good. in fact I think I could harvest some of my spinach.."L"..it looks like the baby spinach that you buy at the store. It's funny..the jugs are doing good but I can't plant anything into the ground from them yet!

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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Hi! All, wanted to say more thank you's I got some
more b-day cards, ok just in case I missed any one
Melinda thank you all for the wonderful cards,the
stickers love those butterfly's, the seeds gonna
plant um asp.You all made my b-day all the better!

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Good Morning!

It looks like the April buddies are having a great month. It's so much fun running to get the mail, isn't it?

I got an adorable post card from Kym, it has the legend of the sea horse printed on it. Thank you Kym!

It's supposed to be in the sixties here today, I'm going to try planting out some more babies.

Dan, the black watchman seeds that you sent me have sprouted and put out a set of true leaves, They will find a home today! Thank you again.


PSSSSST..........Check out the garden genie grant me a wish swap, sign ups are until the 30th!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

oops - I'm sorry I didn't notice that the other thread was full. Kym, you continue to rest and recuperate. I was planning on doing the whole month. When you feel like it, just pop in to say hello but NO Hosting:) I tried to email you but my computer zapped in the middle of it. If you got one that was incomplete, that's why. We miss ya!
Linda, I planted out a batch of jugs yesterday and today I'm paying for it. OUCH - my arms are so out of shape!
Did Mark ever tell us why his jugs were a disaster? This was my first year wintersowing and I had great results. If I can do it, ANYBODY can! I've had little success with seeds before wintersowing.
Keep mailboxin bday folks - April "aint" over yet! Nik

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carol57078(5 S. Dak.)

Happy Birthday April Buddies!!!! I'm also behind in sending out cards, but will get to them this week, some time life gets in the way. Happy birthday everyone.

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Hi! My April pkts are going out tomorrow! Yahoo! It sounds like your April Birthdays will last all month! (and that is good! :) A longer time to "celebrate" getting older! (helps soften the blow for some of us! HA!) Oh! I mean getting BD surprizes all month helps soften the blow!
I'm starting some windowsill seeds today! I'm so excited! You know, lots of people would think we're odd! ;)

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Hi Guys!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got to play in the dirt like I did :0)

Glad to see you back Kym. I hope you had an awesome vacations!!

I wanted to thank morguegirl (Amy) for the really pretty hand crafted birthday card. It has a bouquet of flowers and pretty ribbons. Also thank you for the dwarf and burgundy okra, zinnia cherry profusion, monarda lambada, penstemon huskers red, zinnia lilliput mix. Thank you so much Amy! I know the perfect spots for all of these plants!!!

Taz56 (Susan) thank you for the really cute 'why God made hugs' book mark and the nice note. Also for the mandevilla and okra emerald. Okra is my DH favorite vegie and he's going to sow it today.

just1morehosta (cAROL)thank you for the really pretty sunflower birthday card and also for the lupin seed and the yellow cherry, earl's faux and druzba tomato seeds. I can't wait to get them growing!!

Thanks to all of you that have made my birth month the best ever!!!


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proudgm_03(6 MO)

colcol lots of people do think we're odd! You should see the expression on their faces when they see my 300+ WS jugs. Absolutely priceless! I am known as the Crazy Garden Lady at school because of my requests for containers, mini-blinds, etc. Oh well, I guess that's better than just the Crazy Lady! (I've been called that too!)

Hope everyone is enjoying their birthday month. I know I am. The cards and seeds have been wonderful. A big thank you again to all of you.

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Hmmm, new thread means new birthday cake, right? Well, luckily I just made this one this morning...


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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Becky don't feel bad honey, I get lots of 'looks' too when people walk by my house.. especially when I was WS'ing! I actually had someone call the code enforcement officer and I was threatened with a citation if I didn't move them out of the 'line of vision'. pfft.. and I thought I was paying for MY yard..lol

My kids have finally gotten used to saving their 2 liters and sometimes they even actually wash them out! :) Right now my porch is still a complete seed/potting/gardening disaster. But I sure do feel at home there! :P

I will be working on my Bday cards this week!


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Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to wish those I missed with a...


I was running late getting the cards mailed out, Looks like others are in the same boat. LOL
But all were mailed on Sat. Hope ya'll get them soon.

Happy Birthday
Big Hugs,

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Welcome back Kym,
Hope you had a great time. Did you get a nice sunburn I meant Tan? LOL
Thank you so much for the wonderful postcard!
You made my week!
When you get time like us know how your trip went.
I would love to see some pictures.

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Hi all! Just wanted to let our birthday buddies to know to keep mailboxin. I finally got my cards out today. Everyone should be getting one soon:) Kym, I included yours in the box from Fran's group. Hope that's ok - just wanted to save a buck!
Everyone, please email me and let me know who you sent to this month. I'm compiling the list for Kym.
Also, April buddies, don't forget to head over to rate and review when you have a chance to thank your senders.

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Gosh, you all really make me feel like such a special person !! It was so nice to come home to Birthday cards..and seeds to make my garden extra special this year.

I also had a wonderful visit from Sue today, and WOW, she gave me some wonderful plants, and a card...with seeds. She gave me two coleus, and a begonia, she grew this winter from seed. A whole pot of snake plants...some alexander ...Im having a memory loss moment. It is pretty, varigated and has pink tips. Also some real pretty Glad bulbs...Sue, It was SUPPOSE to be a card and seeds, but MUCH thanks !! I am so glad to have you as a friend ! Safe travels !

Ok, PLEASE forgive me if I mess this up...I will do my best to thank you ALL.

Riley17 I recd today...an adorable Butterfly card..and some AWESOME vine seeds.(cypress vine, trumpet vine, and mina lobata ( I really wanted this one this season !!)

also, Holly sent me some brug seeds, thanks soo very much Holly for thinking of me in my Bday month and for your friendship.

Margarita10, thanks for the cute kitty card, and for the helichrysum, long Island Dill, Parsley Italian, Basil Italian. Thanks for Brightening up my Bday, and for getting my herb garden started !!

shropshire_lad...Thanks so much for the cute Kitty card, I love how it is 3D. I just love Aster..Im going to get the Aster tiger paws in the dirt tomorrow. The garlic chives, catnip, Common chives...will be wonderful for my first herb garden !!

ilovefarac...thanks so much for the pretty birthday bouquet card ! Inside were seeds for...Ladybird poppy, danish flag poppy, golden west poppy, pizzi cato mix, and red peony poppy. Hubby has promised to dig me an area to grow the poppies, sure hope he does this weekend. I apprecaite the seeds, and Bday wishes.

I cant get over all everyone has sent...and I just LOVE the cards !! This has been the BEST Birthday...and it was the BIG 4-0!!!

Ok, a few more wonderful people to thank !!

Micyrey..you always send the nicest home made cards ! I wish I knew how you do ALL you do !! Thanks so much for the thunbergia spanish eyes (one of my all time fav vines), Kentucky wisteria, and Ornamental Pepper 'black Pearl' Thanks for the wonderful seeds, and for your friendship.

Proudgm...thanks so much for the flower card, and seeds for echinacea sundown, penstemon huskers red, and lemon queen heliopsis ( and you were right, I wrote the wrong name ..OOPS !) I am hoping to get some seeds sown tomorrow, thanks for making my garden so special this season.

dan the man....as I like to think of him...sent me a cute homemade card...with a flower bouquet inside. I have the perfect spot , and will be direct sowing them this weekend.
thanks sooo much for the "surprise bouquet" it was a very neat idea.

I thank you ALL for taking the time to make me feel special..each pack of seeds mean alot to me as do the cards and more importantly your FRIENDSHIPS !!

hugs, and MUCH thanks


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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Hi! Just to let you know the Pinata is on it's
way to the next person, hope you enjoy sifting
threw all the goodies! I sure did! Lol! Also I
finally mailed the rest of my April B-day cards
sorry for them running late :( Oppss! Any way
there a come'n lol!

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Not to be making anyone feel rushed or anything, but does anyone know how many birthdays we have coming up in May? I'd like to start getting prepared if I can. I'm hosting a blue seed swap, watching over Bump as he hosts the May MNF swap (you're all welcome to join either or both of those), and getting my yard ready for the growing season, so I'm trying (operative word there, trying) to get organized. Can you imagine? Me? Organized? (Someone use these smelling salts on Kym, I think she's fainted!) LOL!


(I would remind everyone that tomorrow is Earth Day, but for a bunch of gardeners like us, EVERY day is Earth Day!)


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Dan, I havent had time to check on how many May Bdays, but as soon as I can move better, I will for you..and Ill get the new thread posted on the weekend.

I would like to thank a few more people.....

Micyrey, I forgot to say thanks for making plant tags for the seeds you sent that was a great idea, and much appreciated.

mommyto2...thanks for the cute flower card...and seeds for limelight four oclocks, Lobelia mix, verbascum banana custard, verbascum snow maiden,hibiscus luna Pink. I have really been wanting the verbascums..and really started to like the Hibiscus while I was in Florida..so thanks so much !

Annette sent me some tyme seeds, which I really want to grow around my patio, in a really cute flower card. She also sent me a cup of coffee and a donut...I look forward to enjoying them !! Thanks so much, you didnt have to !
( Annette, is RI too far for you to come to a plant swap, sue and I are going to hold one...would love to have ya !)

Dorothy sent me a cute sea shell card, with the cutest cd handpainted withh lady bugs on it. I cant wait to hang this and enjoy it !! You are so talented !

thanks again to anyone that has sent to me...It is really alot of fun getting more then bills in the mail.

Hugs and thanks,


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aphroditelaughs(Puget Sound)

Holy Moly! Lots to report. Sorry I have been AWOL recently. I had finals and school was crazy, but now I am rested and sane again (no smirking!).

I got birthday cards last week, one from Just_one_more_hosta. I loved the beautiful sunflower card, and she sent calendula, Baptisia and Salvia. Yay! Thanks!

I also received Chinese lanterns and pink Calla lilies from Dimples (I can never have too many Calla lilies, and right now I definitely have too few) Thank you!

Since today is my Dad's birthday, my own has kind of gone out of my mind, but I received a bunch of cards today.

Suecirish sent a really pretty card with Elecampane and feverfew, as well as some websites to check out for info on medicinals. Thanks so much!

Taz65 sent Zinnia "Lilliput" (which I had seeds for, but none of them germinated), Bachelor button mix, and Heirloom forget me nots. Thank you Susan.

Nikki and Sarah Kate sent a great card made by Sarah Kate. They sent Early Bird Dahlia seeds, and a sprout of Tea Olive!! If you two lived any closer I would hug you so hard! I have been wanting this forever, got seeds once, but they were mislabeled. This is a beautiful little sprout. I put it right in a pot, and it looks quite happy. Thank you thank you.

As if all this was not enough to make my day, I also received the pinata today! Seriously, are y'all trying to disrupt my whole day? I'll never get anything done now!

It was really fun to read the journal, and to see what people had stashed inside the box. I don't know how you got everything in there, I swear I have a pile twice the size of the box here. I took out a Crinum lily bulb, some unmarked bulbs (I can't resist surprises), seeds for carrots, clematis "Niobe", Amaryllis, Verbena, and Woad. I also grabbed a bar of chocolate from Poland. It is printed all in Polish. Way cool! I am going to have so much fun repacking this thing. I just have to figure out how to make everything fit.

You all have made my day. And to think I was grumpy this morning!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

I'm so happy one of our cards has arrived and that you are enjoying the tea olive. It was blooming when I sent it. I just love the scent!
Hope everyone else is enjoying mailboxing. Keep looking - I have it on authority that some are still in transit:)

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Kym, there's no rush on that number, I was just wondering out loud if someone had it.
Today I got to get into the garden for a couple of hours, and it was great! I'm trying to root some grape vines, so I dug a long trench (probably not really as long as my back says it was, but that's the way it goes) and put a bunch of cuttings in. I'm told that if I keep them damp, they will sprout and root in about 4-6 weeks. I certainly hope so! But, even if they don't, it was great to be outside, playing in the dirt again!

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

I received two more fantastic cards today. You guys are really making this month special for me.

From dimples31312 I received a wonderful card with beautiful yellow flowers on it. She sent broom corn seeds, cornflower seeds, and periwinkle seeds. I can't wait to see these in the garden! Thank you!

From nikkineel I received a beautiful card made by Sarah Kate (so cute!) She sent nasturtium moon gleam seeds, and zinnia green envy. Thank you so much!

Gotta get these planted right away. It seems our spring is about to pass pretty fast around here. Highs in the 80s this week.

Got some bad news today. I have to have one of my parathyroids removed because it is not functioning correctly. Seems it is taking blood out of my bones and putting it in my blood. But the really bad news is that the procedure can't be done until we take care of the problem with my heart. It seems the stress test showed an area of the heart is not getting enough blood supply and I have to have coronary catheterization to find out where the blockage is. So now I know the reason for the exhaustion, shortness of breath, etc. that has put such a damper on my gardening. Not exactly the birthday present I was hoping for. This getting old stuff is for the birds!

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Melinda Hagen

Proudgm-So very sorry to hear that you aren't doing well! I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers for all to go well and a speedy recovery! They do amazing things now, so keep faith! You'll be back out gardening before you know it!
And yes this getting old stuff is for the birds!!
Hugs, Melinda

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Proud - Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. The first step is finding out the problem - now you can take the steps necessary to fix it. You will be in my prayers. Glad you got your card and seeds. Hope you feel well enough to get in the dirt soon.

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Proudgm, I am soo sorry you arent feeling well, but I TRULY hope that they can fix what is wrong quickly, so that you can get into the garden...and feel better soon.


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Hi everyone...I received some mail today, isnt mailboxing fun ??

I am working on my APRIL Buddies cards, so PLEASE keep mailboxing !

taz56, you are recovering, and still sent to me...THANKS so much !! Susan sent me some WONDERFUL mailing labels, that will surely save me ALOT of time and I Love the pictures you put on them thanks ! The card is very pretty also, with purple flowers and a butterfly.. inside was seeds for red hot poker ( I just saw how much hummers love this !) zinnia envy, and dills atlantic giant pumpkin. Thanks SO much !

ColCol sent me a cute note, with seeds for poppies, sweet marjoram, Cilantro, curled chervil, and CHOCOLATE morning glories. I cant wait to grow them all ! Thanks so much !

Nikki and Sarah Kate sent me a cute hand made card from Sarah, I LOVE it Sarah, thanks !! Inside was hyacinth bean vine, moonflower vine, and cockscomb maroon. Thanks so much !

Thanks again for all the wonderful cards, seeds and gifts, I have so many wonderful friends, you all brighten my days !



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proudgm_03(6 MO)

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. My heart catheterization is scheduled for next Thursday.

I received two more great cards today. From taz56 I received a beautiful card, bookmark, heirloom forget me not seeds, zinnia seeds, and bachelor button seeds. Thank you. These are always garden favorites.

From suecirish I received a lovely card with sweet pea Captain of the Blues seeds and erigeron Blue Fringed Daisy seeds. I've been wanting the blue fringed daisy for awile. Hope to have lots of sweet peas this year. I want them to trail up the carport like the MGs did last year. (Still yanking those out! LOL!)

You all have been so good to me this month. You are a great bunch of people and I thank you!

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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Hi!I received more b-day cards Yahoo! Lol!
Dorothy sent me desert willow,royal poinsettia,
maltese cross and a lovely card! Thank you sis!
Riley send me hardty hibiscus and a nice card,
Thank you too!
Annette sent me carrots,h.hibiscus, blue rose
of sharon which I have been wanting and a pretty
card with a lilly on it! Thank you very much!

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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

Happy Birthday Proudgm!
Hope you are feeling better soon and hope you had a wonderful Birthday.

Cindy : )

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aphroditelaughs(Puget Sound)

Please remind me, am I supposed to email Kym or Nikki (or someone else) to find out where to send the pinata next?

I can't wait to send it on. It's a big present to send to someone!

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taz56(z8 Ga.)

WOW, I feel so special. I received 3 more b-day cards
Sue sent me a pretty card with Hosta and Hibiscus!
Coleen sent me a very sweet note on pretty paper
with Armenian cucmber,cabbage,"yum", onion,peppers,
sensitive plant and Dahlia mix. :)
Nikki sent me cucumber,mesclum and passiflora Incarnata!
Also Sarah Kate colored me, a my lil pony Sweet Breeze
coloring page which is soooooooooo pretty, hugs to Sarah
Kate ! "Great big thank you's, to all of you" for makeing
my birthday special!

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Well, I've been AWOL as well. I'll spare you all the reasons of what all has been going on. Let's just say there's only so many hours in a day, and I always try to push that limit to the max every chance I get. LOL

Then, I'm getting back to trying to catch up with the Birthday Extravaganza here, and you're not gonna believe this... That cold that I had like 3 times and was sick for well over a month total since January has come back after FINALLY being rid of it for awhile. I cancelled having family over this weekend from out of town and everything. Ugggh.... Well, hopefully what little resistance I have to this will help me get over it once again. It's crazy since I've never been sick like this before in my whole life. I'm going to just have a pity party over here soon, I tell you...

It sounds like the birthday buddies for April are having a fun month! That's terrific! Keep on mailboxing, y'all.


Here is a link that might be useful: April Birthday Wish Lists

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Hi Angela, Good to see you:) I sure hate to hear that you are not feeling well again. I HOPE you have seen a doctor. When these things persist and return, you need to be agressive. Have you had a shot? Don't make me come up there... (grin)
Susan, Sarah Kate thanks you for the compliment. She loves to read it when people comment on her "work". I love including her and having her special "touch" with the cards.
Proud, I hope you are finding the weekend restful. I know having a procedure lurking can put a damper on things. Still prayin...
Kym, I also want to thank you for sending me a postcard. That was so sweet of you to think of me while you were on your vacation. I should have thanked you sooner but I only "just" found the card when going through a stack in the office. I think one of the kids must've gotten the mail that day and put it in there.
Well, I hope that you birthday buddies are enjoying some nice spring weather. Have a great Saturday! Nik

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Haven't been around much lately, too busy gardening, but I've been reading through the thread, and trying to catch up with what's been going on with everybody.

Proudgm - I will be praying for you, that the catheterization will go smoothly, and that they will be able to move on to the other procedure, so that you can finally start to get well.

Kym - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I was feeling bad about not having anything on your wishlist, but I see here that you have been well taken care of (((Birthday HUG))) Thank you for the post card. I can't remember the last time I received one. I guess nobody I know ever goes anywhere interesting, LOL! Hope you have recovered from your trip.

The kids are already working on a card for the May birthday in the kid's swap. I'll check back in a few days to see if I can fill some wishes for the May birthday buddies.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Aphroditelaughs, PLEASE email me, I will give you the info on the pinata.

Nikki, I forgot to ask you...could you let me know the DATE the pinata was last sent if you have it ?

To those that received a postcard, I HOPE you noticed I went to the town of CHRISTMAS to mail them. and to those that DIDNT get one, I SOOOOO apologize. I was soo excited to be going there, I had all the labels made up ahead of the trip...we go to Christmas Florida in TORNADOS...and BAD BAD weather, so they made us leave...they shut down during the storm. Needless to say I didnt get to finish mailing...BUT I did try ! I thought it would be so neat since this swap started at CHRISTMAS and the trivia game had a ? about CHRISTMAS...LOL

May swap has been posted, so May Buddies PLEASE post your WISH LISTS. We will stay on this thread till the end of the month.


It was beautiful out today, has everyone been working in the garden ?? How is your wintersowing ? I am happy to say I have about 65 containers with sprouts, and even found some from last season !

I hope you ALL are having a WONDERFUL weekend !!


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Kym! I got a postcard from Christmas, and it was quite the surprise! THANK YOU!!!

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OMG, BECKY, so sorry to hear about what is going on with you. I have been so busy and trying to keep track of everything else I got going on and WELL HAPPY BELATED BDAY, at least I was consistent with this month! I MISSED EVERYONE'S DAY! I am so sorry.
I hope you recover quickly...please keep us posted!

Kym I thought it was so funny to get the card from CHRISTMAS! you are too funny!

Becky again I am sorry I am so slack I try so hard!


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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

I know Fran, you would think that I could get them all right -on the day- as stand in host but I'm just not that good:) I've been setting up a table to send to Kym of all the senders for April. If you haven't emailed me letting me know who you sent to/or are sending to - please do. I've gone back through both threads and added the ones I could find. We just want to keep track of our active participants - or more importantly - those who don't participate - at all. Please don't feel bad though if you have to miss a month or so. We all will have those months I'm sure:) Nik

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Hi guys!

Proundgm, hope your surgery goes well, I'll keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

Kym, I'm glad you liked the verbascum seeds I sent you. They were really pretty (and tall) and the bees just LOVED them! I didn't grow them this year, they need more space and sun than I can provide. Also, I didn't get the new addresses for May, I'll try to email you to get them.

Carol57078, thank you so much for the prettiest birthday card. It has a really pretty flower filled vase and glitter all over the flowers and for the poppies and coleous seeds you sent me!

piksi_hk (Betsy), thank you so much for the really pretty birthday card. It's a garden theme card with a topiary, bird houses and pretty pots with lots of flowers. Also for the salvia coral nymph and red as well as the canna seeds!

Sueirish (Sue), thank you so much for the pretty birthday card. I love the colorful flowers and the agastache golden jubilee and coleous kong mosaic seeds!

Nikki and Sarah Kate, thank you soooo much for the really pretty handcrafted birthday card Sarah Kate made just for me. You made me feel very special! and for the blue agastache and moonflower vine seeds! They'll be sown today Thank you!!!

colcol (coleen) WOW, thanks sooooo much for the commercial seeds you sent me! She sent me poppy shirley double, california orange, and ballerina mix, zinnia lilliput, bachelor buttons, canterbury bells, and a old fashion flower mix! All of them will have a spot in my garden next year!! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!

Annette, thank you so much for the really pretty stargazer lily birthday card (I can almost smell it, ahhhh) and for the poppy oriental orange and poppy pink and the salvia purple spires. They'll make an awesome combination next year! thanks for thinking of me!

riley17 (Holly), thank you so much the cupcake birthday card you sent me! (it made me hungry, LOL) and for the cantaloupe unknown and honey rock as well as the turnip seeds. I have never had turnips but I'll try them like you recommended. The cantaloupe is making me drool!

dimples31312, Thanks sooo much for the cataloupe heirloom canoe creek and royal golden melon! I'm already drooling, LOL. I just loved the card, it made me feel very special thank you sooooooo much again!!

Sorry it took me so long to post. I've been running around plunking and running and starting all the seeds you guys have sent me! Thanks to all of you that have thought of me this month. Thanks to you my garden is going to be the envy of the neighborhood!!!


    Bookmark   April 28, 2009 at 10:31AM
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Just stopping in to say HELLO!!!

Hope everyone as had a Great BD Month.


    Bookmark   April 28, 2009 at 11:43AM
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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Mail has been slow to trickle in here..lol No surprise w/ my local p.o. tho..

Just fyi again, I will be offline for around a week. So if you did mail something to me, I will try to get on here when I can to say my thanks! Just don't want to appear rude, I wanted to let everyone know I will be offline for a short time!


    Bookmark   April 28, 2009 at 12:08PM
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Wishing all the April birthday buddies a very happy birthday month.

You're welcome, Monica, enjoy them.


    Bookmark   April 28, 2009 at 3:31PM
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May addresses have been emailed, IF You didnt get my email...PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL (dont post here, please !)

On the email I wrote " If you have dropped from the swap, I am sorry you are recieving this email..."


I also want to thank you ALL for being sooo awesome at sending to sooo many people ! I think you all are just the best !

    Bookmark   April 28, 2009 at 3:51PM
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***************PLEASE PLEASE READ*************************

I AM WORKING ON A GAME ....would anyone be mad, if it was to involve some people emailing you to ask you a question ?

I dont want to give anything away...but IF you would be upset with people emailing you for a question, would you PLEASE send me an email. Id hate to upset anyone !!

Thanks, I am trying to get the kinks ironed out, then we will have some FUN !



    Bookmark   April 29, 2009 at 7:43PM
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I like games LOL Sounds like fun!

    Bookmark   April 29, 2009 at 8:47PM
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Hi guys! Glad to hear the bd gals got what I sent :)
Glad you enjoyed the Chocolate MG, flwers4ever. I wish I'd of got a few more of them! Now can't remember where I found em! Every store I go, & see seeds, it's like OHHHHHH Seeeeeds!!!!! My kids say, NO MOM, NO! YOU GOT ENOUGH! HA! But I think this was on someone's list, or that one was, or maybe someone would like this..... It is soooo fun!!!!

    Bookmark   April 30, 2009 at 12:03AM
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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

the mystery box is on it's way
even though it's raining today,
where will it go, who will it be?
guess you'll just have to wait to see...


    Bookmark   April 30, 2009 at 1:53PM
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Hi everyone,

Sorry I've ebeen AWOL for awhile. Spring is always such a busy time. I've been trying to get the yard & gardens cleaned up. DH is expecting to start a new job in a couple of weeks, its suppose to pay about twice as much. He'll be driving OTR again with only one day home per week so we're trying to get stuff here taken care of beforehand (building GH, fixing stuff, etc).He gave his current job his 2 wk notice just 2 days ago and they called today letting him go (on his day off)! Now we're really hoping the new job is as good as it sounds!!

I got the last of my WS potted yesterday. Out of 160+ jugs there were only about 15-20 that didn't sprout...not bad I guess for my first WS attempt. I'm waiting for my BIL to till my new gardens so I can plant stuff...alot of my potted seedlings have bloomed! Bluebonnets, Lacy Phacelia, and Nasturtiums of every color! I hope they're still blooming by the time I get them in the gardens!

Kym, thanks for sending the May list in advance! At least I won't get behind on that! LOL
I'm fine with recieving emails from forum members...sounds like you have an interesting game up your sleeve. Count me in!

I hope all April Bday buddies are having a wonderful BDay month!!!!!


    Bookmark   April 30, 2009 at 2:17PM
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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Well, April buddies, looks like the month is coming to a close. I sure have had a great time hosting and I hope everyone's birthday was a happy one!
Kym, I'm fine with receiving emails:)
Wow Chell, that's a lot of plants. I don't know my numbers on germination yet. I just plant out every chance I get. I gave about 20 or so containers to my mom today. That certainly put a dent into the pot ghetto.
If anyone hasn't already done so, don't forget to send me the list of who you sent to. And birthday buddies, don't forget to rate and review.
Susan (Taz), you have mail:)
Happy last day of April everybody! Nik

    Bookmark   April 30, 2009 at 7:03PM
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You're welcome Kym and Monica! Hope you all enjoy the seeds!!

    Bookmark   April 30, 2009 at 8:54PM
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proudgm_03(6 MO)

Nik I sent my list to Kym. Do I still need to send it to you?

    Bookmark   April 30, 2009 at 10:12PM
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    Bookmark   May 1, 2009 at 8:00AM
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