Misorensis? Help ID please

mariava7March 15, 2006

Again...one of my mother's flowering vines. She mentioned 'misorensis' but she is not sure. Help ID please!

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Thunbergia mysorensis, one of my favorites.

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Thank you so much catkim!

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bihai(zone 9)

Oh yeah! Mine is in full bloom now as well. Its definitely my fave vine except for my Jade Vine.

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Beautiful vine, and not as heavy as many others. I planted mine 6 years ago, took 2 years to get first flowering,but has never been out of bloom since.

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Leilaniguy...Are you from Hawaii? Do you have an email add? I cannot find it in your member page. I would like to contact you about sources of plants that we are interested that could possibly be available in your area if ever. Thanks!

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bihai(zone 9)

Hawaii can't ship to the mainland unless they are licensed nurseries and their stock is approved for shipment to the mainland. Lots and LOTS of red tape. I have always wanted to be able to trade with people in Hawaii but they have to get an import permit for a lot of things. Not worth it for them.

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Bihai...After I have posted pics of our plants in the Philippines, I have received a lot of emails from Europe, South America, US and Canada inquiring about sources of where to get plants or seeds. These plants are available in the nursery there but would be very hard to ship to US. Very same case as with plants from Hawaii. You are right, too much trouble for a few plants. But worth it for bigger volumes.

If ever I get to get plants from Hawaii, I would be instructing them to send them to the Philippines. Or if we get to purchase plants here in mainland US, they will be brought to PI by my daughter who is going there for a 3 week vacation.

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