Any Luck With A Jackfruit Tree ?

mangogrowerMarch 1, 2006

anyone had any success growing a Jackfruit tree, protecting it in the winter and keeping it growing?

I just ordered one and will make a private mini greenhouse shelter for it in the winter and see how it goes.

I live in Jacksonville, FL and have had success with Mango, Litchee, White Sapote, Strawberry Guava and Bananas now for 3 years... All in the ground and fruiting...

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virgilevetts(Auckland, NZ)

If you can get mango to fruit you wont have any trouble with jackfruit. They are actually pretty tough plants, even handling a bit of frost once established.

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Virgilevetts is right, Jackfruit trees are amazingly tough! My two have been through 3 hurricanes and a freeze, and only lost a few leaves after the frost. They are outside, planted in the ground, on the north side of the property. The smaller one got the full brunt of the cold and defoliated more than the big one (sheltered behind Areca palms)which lost only a handful of leaves.

They are attractive trees that like lots of water, but well-drained soil.


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Have you ever got any fruit from your Jackfruit trees?

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

No fruit yet, they are young trees. Maybe this year!

The nursery I bought them from has countless mature ones that are loaded with fruit every year.


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amazondk(+ 11 Humid Equatorial Tropics)

Here where I live, 3.5 degrees south latitude on the Amazon river jack fruit kind of grow like weeds in many areas. You really would not want one to fall on your head though, it is a big fruit. I never really eat much of the fruit, the size of it scares me as you need a large family to consume it. They do grow far to the south in Brazil though, including in areas that get fairly chilly. You need a lot of space though, they get really big, at least around here.

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I seeded in early April 2009. Early May, the little plant grew fast and had so many leaves. June and July has been rough with no rain and high temparatures in Houston(texas). My jackfruit plant is losing almost every leaf that grows out. It is not dead though, but the new leaf lasts only a few days after sprouting before it is burnt by the heat. The good thing is, it still brings out new leaves every week and alive. Will wait and see how winter fares.

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jackfruit(Zone 10)

Chokkar, I am in Laredo (Texas) and have a little Jackfruit tree from seed, which germinated on May 27th this year. It looks healthy and grows new leaves every week. It hasn't lost any leaf so far due to heat, even when we have a lot of dry 110ºF days thru the summer. Like you, I want to see how winter fares.

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Hi, I am looking for someone who can supply me with fresh blackgold jackfruit seeds or other variety, so that I can buy them! if someone can supply with the seeds please dont hesitate to e-mail me!

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I buy the fruit from a local store in Houston. Would one of the seeds from the fruit would do the job? Or is there any special handling of the seed before planting the seed? Are there any specific soil conditions required for the plant?

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This is an indoor jackfruit tree that I grew from seed. It is about four years old. I have one outside started from seed and it fruits on the fifth year. I live in Orange Country, California.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

What a beautiful tree! I have 2 seeds in pots, and I'm waiting to see if and when they sprout. Got them a couple weeks ago. Crossing fingers!

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I've got a few large trees which produce fruit. They do need their water though, and a lot of it. But good drainage as well. The problem I have is that the Flying Foxes get into the fruit before it ripens. Although, they're messy to cut up so I don't eat much and just one fruit is more than enough. I do like the fragrance around the trees when they're flowering, it's really nice.

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So, they make a nice indoor plant? Who knew? Believe it or not, a local greenhouse here as all kinds of interesting tropical fruits, including jackfruit, starfruit (I've grown those from seeds myself before, as well as tamarind), cocoa, miracle fruit, and more common things like citrus, bananas, figs, pomegranates.

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Alas, I went back, no Jackfruit today, and I'm sure no more this year. They had a breadfruit plant about 2 feet tall, beautiful leaves, but $70 and I didn't want to gamble. Bought a tangerine and a Satsuma mandarin, though.

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Breadfruit are beautiful and get huge leaves. But they have much higher temperature requirements than Jackfruit. I have one growing under the canopy of some very tall trees. The Breadfruit is very tall and thin. I've been thinking of cutting it right back but possibly it will just grow tall and thin again. If it gets fruit the way it is the plant will end up laying on the ground.

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I got some plants from New Jersey and planted them in Windermere Florida . They seem to be doing well new leaves i shall post some pictures tomorrow. One of them almost died when transferred from the pot to ground after 3 weeks i saw leaves coming out and i was glad. There seems to be too much sand in our back yard. I am trying to find out what fertilizer i should use.

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I saw that the original writer was from Jacksonville, Fl. I am also from Jacksonville and I was wondering if you had any luck with the Jakfruit tree outside?

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This is my friend tree in Santa Ana, California. This tree is six year old from a seedling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jackfruits from SantaAna, California

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I have a little jackfruit a couple feet high. I started it from seed last spring. I am in zone 9a. For now I have been bringing it inside on the coldest nights. When it is bigger I will have to keep it in the gh with the Longan and Starfruit and Cacao trees etc. during the winter lol. Maybe I will live in a warmer zone by then.

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newgen(9 Central California)

Wow blockbuster,
That's amazing to see. Does your friend live in Little Saigon area? Does he protect the tree from the cold winter weeks, like in late Dec 2013 and early Jan 2014?

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vishprasad06(9 and 10)

Does anybody know how tall the jackfruit tree will grow if it's not pruned. I live in Southern California, where it's not really difficult to grow by seed, and would like to know the height trees normally grow up to.

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My biggest are around 5 to 6 metres tall. But I've seen others around here that are a good 15+ metres. Not easy to get fruit down from up there.

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