Simpson's Stopper or Cattley Guava for Hedge

beverlyflaMarch 7, 2013

I'm planning to install a hedge between my villa and on the one next door, as well as one on the property line between me and my roofmate, as I live in a duplex villa.

The hedge on the left will replace arecas savaged by Ganoderma Butt Rot. The one on the right will provide me with some privacy on my patio. Many of the other shrubs you see in the photo will be either relocated or removed.

I would like the hedge to grow to 6-7' in height but not more than 2' in depth. I'd like to make sure the growth will continue to the ground, as no one likes leggy hedges.

Both Simpson's Stopper & Cattley Guava have been recommended to me & both seem viable selections. Can I have some wisdom about making a selection? The back of the villa faces south.

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For something a little more interesting crotons make beautiful hedges, with a bunch of colors from a non-picky plant

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