how to grow Pachira Aquatica from seed

derpsteinMarch 16, 2006


I have learned so much from this site about my money tree.

I am interested in growing my own individual trees from seeds, then training them how I want to create my own design of interwoven trunks.

I have ordered seed packs for Pachira Aquatica. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice and/or instructions on the best habits for growing this tree from seed. Also, if anyone has any ideas/experience on training them, I would appreciate it.


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Bill(z10 swFL)

They stary very easily from seed. No special requirments that I have seen. Plant in a decent potting soil, water occasionally and treat it like any other plant. I would train when young as older woody growth is not very flexible.


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can you tell me where you are ordering your pachira seeds from? thanks very much-J

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Does anybody know how to braid pachiras?
I have some young plants, how make a money tree with them?



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Can someone tell me where to buy Pachira Aquatica seeds. I have been looking everywhere...Help please

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Finding the seeds seems to be the biggest obstacle to growing your own money tree! They are sometimes for sale on ebay or similar sites. Search for the following possible names, and I will post links to any places I find them for sale on my site... Possible names: "Malabar Chestnut", "Guiana Chestnut", "Saba Nut" (or Sabanut), "Money Tree", "Provision Tree", and the scientific name "Pachira aquatica".

I had the best luck searching for "Pachira macrocarpa" seeds, but most are located in China. There was one site selling them out of Europe though:

Once you are growing the little plants, I think the biggest issues are overwatering and light. If the roots sit in water, they will rot and die, so drainage is a must. Waiting until the soil is dry 1/4" deep between waterings works well, and I've seen sites suggest using a cactus potting soil to help with drainage, but that might be a little extreme. Honestly, I just use Miracle Grow and don't overwater, and my Pachira has been growing like gangbusters and super happy. For light, a bright window that doesn't get DIRECT sun is great. Just lots of light, but it MUST BE INDIRECT. You can also use a plant light on a 12 hour timer.

The stems are easiest to braid when they are soft and young, before they become woody. Remove leaves from the trunks to be braided. Braid gently and slowly over time, securing with safe plant ties (those little green ones) as you go. Remember to keep the top of the plant happy and healthy with lots of leaves to support the plant while you are stressing it with this manipulation. Just water correctly, and maximize INDIRECT light for ~12 hours a day if possible. Maximum growth = more fresh young trunk for you to braid!

Finally, Pachiras apparently don't like to be potted in a pot that is too big. I'm not a plant expert so I can't say what's best exactly... Just go with an appropriate pot for the size of the plant, and don't go re-potting all the time like crazy, as that will stress it.

So, I'm still learning on this myself, but I hope this helps!

P.S. I think these are commonly propagated by cuttings, so if you are good at that or willing to learn how, that might be an easier option in the U.S. Just buy one plant, then do cuttings to create your own new ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: the one legit place I found to order seeds

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P.S. If anyone is looking right now, there is someone selling seeds out of FL here in the U.S on ebay right now. Here is a link to the listing, but it won't work once the auction closes.

The item listing:

The member who might have more in the future (you can check their listings):

Here is a link that might be useful: SOMETIMES SELLS PACHIRA AQUATICA SEEDS ON EBAY

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I'm a happy customer of the company mentioned by birdymommy. Best prices and delivery! I did find couple of sites that sell seeds Pachira Aquatica but prices way high. here is more info about it:
Soil types: Loamy
Soil drainage: Moist but well-drained, Well-drained
Soil pH: Acid, Alkaline, Neutral
Light: Partial Shade
Aspect: East, West
Exposure: Sheltered
Hardiness: Indoor heated (H1)
Pests: Generally pest-free
Diseases: Generally disease-free.
Propagation methods: Division
Fertilise with balanced liquid feed in May, June, July, August
Divide and replant after flowering (August)
Mist plants any time to create a humid atmosphere

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