mango leaves have tip burn, curling

buretachi(z6 PA)January 8, 2009

Hello all,

I have two potted mango trees that are indoors and had been looking pretty healthy up until about a week ago, but now are developing brown leaf tips and some of the leaves are turning brown and curling up. Is this a disease or environmental? Thanks!


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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

Did you fertilize or change its watering recently?


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buretachi(z6 PA)

I had been letting it get fairly dry--someone had said they prefer a wet-dry cycle. Maybe too dry--is that a symptom?

I haven't fertilized at all in the winter--it is gallon sized and I wasn't planning to fertilize until spring.


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Some types of mango are more susceptible to disease than others; what cultivars do you have? Also, a picture is highly desirable.
I've had some similar issues with my Mallika mango. Stunted leaf growth, and brown spots on the sides/tips of leaves. I believe it is anthracnose, so I doused it with fungicide...little has changed though.

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Scott, my Ice Cream mango did the same thing this Fall. Without checking it I gave it more water and it got much worse. My attempts to dry it out didn't work. Once it started to turn black there was no stopping it. It did the slow death. It was my favorite mango and I am heartbroken. It bloomed all summer long.

My Cogshall mango is doing well and blooming now (it was dormant all summer). I am very careful not to give it too much water. Basically, I just water the outer edges of the pot and use a minimal amount of water and then on occasion it gets it a little more.

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buretachi(z6 PA)

The most-troubled one is a double seedling of Champaigne (Ataulfo). The other is a flowering Mallika that I just got from Edible

Can I upload a picture straight from the computer? I don't have any online photos.

Citrusnut, sorry to hear about the Ice Cream slow death. Very disappointing. That happened to my first grafted mango, a Cogshall. That was four years ago, now I'm trying again with Mallika this time.

It sounds like drier is generally better during the winter?



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You have to upload the pics to photobucket or some other photo site and then you can just copy and paste the HTML of the photo in your post.

How large is your Ataulfo seedling? I have found that many of the cloned seedlings fail to thrive and just end up dieing. I planted about ten seeds last year from ataulfo's and of those I was only able to get the cloned seedlings from 2 seeds to survive.

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I got my Cogshall mango recently (4 days ago) from Pine Island and my leave are also beginning to fall off one by one. I think a total of 10 have fallen off by now. It is a 3 gallon about 3' tall. I noticed that the leaves are beginning to curl a tad as well. The only thing I can think of is a.) Maybe the direct sunlight is too much for it coming from the nursery, b.) maybe overwatered (it has been raining a bunch, but for only short periods of time), c.) I sprayed only a tad fertilizer which I probably should not have done d.) no idea.

Any ideas? Maybe I should just try to flush and drain it... I used a mixture of miracle gro potting soil with orchid planting mix.


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Our Carrie Mango Tree 1 1/2 yr. old. leaves are turning brown and branches are black, now the fruit is speckled with black spots.
What can I do to save this tree?

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I'm having a similar problem with my Carrie Mango, I'm in Delray Beach Fl and the leaves are turning black and dead looking.
I bought 2 of them last summer and planted them in the ground.
Any more feedback on this problem?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Try googling "sooty mold" and "Anthracnose" and see if that's what you might have?

Check the undersides of the leaves for scale...sooty mold usually accompanies scale. You can wipe sooty mold with a damp paper towel or soft cloth with some soapy water. You can spray with some insecticide that's safe for fruit trees. Make sure you do this in early morning/early evening so you don't damage/sunburn the leaves in the HOT sun. Follow directions on the bottle. Unless its blooming...the stuff will cause damage to the blooms/flowers.

If its Anthracnose, you cannot wipe the black stuff off. You can treat it and spray with 'copper' Fungicide.

Good luck!

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my lancetilla is very dry we had 2 days of over 100 degree last week and I didn't cover it can It die, it is a 15 gallon size 3 yrs old

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Manny, if you didn't water the soil and you've had over 100 degrees its possible you've stressed the roots? Can you find a place to put your tree where it gets a few hours of shade in the hottest part of the day...Mango trees love full sun...but 100 degrees for too long might cause the tree to over heat especially in a pot...if its very dry and might have to water the tree daily. If its in a free draining don't want to over water it either and over compensate since mango does not like "wet roots" bet is to give it some shelter like under some trees during the hottest part of the day...Morning sun is best when temps are over 100 degrees...Good luck!

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