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readheads(6)February 13, 2012

I am confused about how much water.

I have always raised my tomatoe plants on the 'dry side' going with the "tomatoes don't like wet feet" philosphy.

I've been reading more about micro nutrients et al. and have read about the "importance" of sufficient water to keep a sort of flow system going from the roots to transpiration "out" the leaves so to speak. Water is said to be the transportation method for nutrients. Also, I have raised "earthbox", etc where the roots are always wet and have seen greenhouse hydroponic where they are also always wet.

That all being said, it would seem to me that a "very slow" continuous drip might be the most optimum method for the in ground outside plant (avoiding "immense" rainfall which will shock the plants into splitting).

What do the control mavens (Timmy1, etc) use for a flow rate which probably should change with plant maturity ?

If I could go to college all over again I would probably study this stuff.


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I don't know about others but I have drip setup where I put flag drippers, 4GPH. I figured tomatoes need 4 to 6 Gallons of water per week depending on soil conditions. I have set the timer to water once every 3 days, for 30 minutes. It keeps the soil moist throughout the watering cycle and never gets dry. I plant tomatoes on raised masonry planters that has sand/clay and lot of compost fill. The reason I water every 3 days is because the same waterline on same timer waters my entire veggies garden with 5 other planters. I had to find balance between eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes.

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