Mango from seed - progress thread

aesir22March 20, 2010

Hi all,

I had a major urge to plant a mango seed! I don't know why, I am kinda obsessed about planting stuff lol.

So I bought two mangoes, enjoyed eating them, and had the husks. I peeled the husks away to reveal the nice healthy seeds beneath. One of them had like a little growth on it 0 what I think may be a root forming (they both had two shoots growing out toward the shell of the husk, but they were definitely not roots. They looked like tiny straws!

So anyway, one of them has what looks to be the nub of a root forming. I am going to plant one of the seeds in potting mix, the other in the damp paper towel and baggie method. I want to put the one with the starting root into the potting mix - should the root go at the top or the bottom? I know the top needs to be slightly exposed...any tips?

Anyway, once its growing I want to post pics on here to track its progress :)

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Been lurking in the hedges.......hope ya'll don't mind me joining.

When I bought my home about 30 years ago, the previous owner had planted a mango seed and the tree was up to about 24 inches. I wasn't into gardening then so when someone told me that even if it had fruit it probably wouldn't be any good, I chopped it down............and it came back up. Soooo I chopped it down again and it came back up. After the third time I gave up. Figured if it wanted to live that bad who was I to question it. It now has delicious mangos and most years I have to give a lot away because it bears so many. I guess you could call it my "Lazarus" mango. Hope your's turns out at well as mine did............through no help from me.

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