plant identification

alkhowaiterMarch 30, 2013

hi all
please help me identify this plant.

all I know is it is either a tropical fruit tree or tropical ornamental plant that i grew from seed.

the white fruit (checkpeas size) has two brown seeds similer to the apple seeds but smaller.

many thanks

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my night blooming jasmine has little white fruits like that. i've never opened them up, so don't know how the seeds look.

is it a bushy plant? with very fragrant blooms at night?

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Looks like something in the Solanaceae.

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Dear houstontexas123
thanks a lot for the tip, you are right the leavs are very similer to the common jasmin we have here in Saudi Arabia (Jasminum sambac) and (Cestrum diurnum) which has dark purple fruit,

you are right it is (Cestrum nocturnum)

i cant thank you enogh for enlightening me.

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