Travelers Palm

fleaseyelashMarch 22, 2010

Any one growing this as a potted indoor plant in the north east part of country.

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I have one. What do you need to know about them?

As long as you have some good light and warmth over winter, you should be able to grow one.

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Thanks for reply. That is what i wanted to know.

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john_dr(SEQLD AUST)

I assume you are talking about ravenala madagascarienis. If so this is a very large plant that grows 20 - 30' high with a spread of about 7 - 8' with keikis sprouting from the trunk. The trunk would have a diameter of about 10". This is of course for a mature tree however the growth of this plant is somewhat like a palm where the size of the trunk has to reach its mature size before it starts to grow taller and is unsuitable for growing in a pot. I grew one in the garden when I lived in Sydney and I can confirm the sizes given above. Also it is not the type of plant that can be kept in check by pruning.
Sorry be the bearer of bad news. Of course you may be talking about another plant called a traveler's palm. Such is the problem with common names. If so I apologize for my comments.

John Driscoll

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