mangosteen flower bud?

BeanLadyJanuary 3, 2013

I bought what I was told is a Mangosteen at the last plant sale of the Hillsboro Jail. After several mishaps(sun burned leaves,all leaves dropped after left to dry out) it has come around fairly well. The top had to be cut after the infamous drying out event. It is not very tall and I keep it in the house or sun room most of the year. I put it outside in summer where it gets AM sun, but not the hot afternoon sun. After all that, I have what I am hoping is a flower bud??? I hope the photo is clear enough for someone to give me a definative answer. I am sure that it will not survive long, so I took pics right away. Thanks for any help and information.

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I hope this works for the photos

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Mine are still to small to flower, but that does look like a flower bud. good luck, and gratz

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Do you have a photo of the whole plant? Normally Mangosteens take from about 8 up to 20 years to flower, where the climate is right. While they're young they should be kept mostly shaded. Once they get to about 5 years or more they can be slowly hardened to full sun. They should never dry out but still have good drainage.

Good luck with that bud and keep us posted on how it turns out.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Sorry...what you have is not a mangosteen. More like the male bloom of garcinia livingstonei(Imbe).

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