Unkown plant ID

hargyleMarch 16, 2008

Here is another unkown - at least to me. I bought these from a vendor who called them Congas, a name which doesn't seem to exist. Leaf length is 14", and plant height is about 24". I like to do my homework, and would love to have a real name. Thanks for looking!

! for .

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bihai(zone 9)

Looks like Philodendron Moonlight to me

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Bihai, thanks so much! I looked up the Philo. Moonlight and photos are exactly same, including flower. Interestingly, there is a Philo. Congo, and it is clearly not this plant. Forum wins the prize - what a great resource.

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Hargyle, there is a Congo Philodendron, but yours is a Moonlight. It's really nice looking..Toni

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Thank you. It is new, but a good size, and I have it outdoors in a screened lanai. I see vining philodendra growing semi-wild down here all the time. I hope that means the Moonlight will like it too. Unfortunately, it is listed as poisonous, and I have 3 cats (4 would make me officially a crazy cat lady, my children warn), and I may need to move them if I see any cat interested in nibbling. Wish me (and the cats) luck!

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