caesalpinia pulcherrima in zone 8?

IlovetropicalsMarch 31, 2014

i've read that the dwarf poinciana is hardy to zone 8, i was just wondering what the best way to protect them would be. it's already got the advantage of a south facing gravel slope. the soil drains really well, and in the last couple years they've gone back and forth between where i am (portland oregon) is 8b or 9a. i do fine with oleanders and olives, although the oleanders died to the ground this winter. also some basic growing tips would be helpful. i haven't started the seeds yet, but i want to know if i should transplant them to a dry part of my yard, and if i should overwinter them in a garage their first winter. thanks. also sort of off topic, same questions but with dietes iridioides. thanks

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I grow both these but in 10 florida . Both make great pot subjects i suspect both will not survive a hard freeze but frost is no problem I grow them in pots to control the spread and size . in pots you could always bring them in and summer outdoors gary

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