Tropical Plant - Monestaria - Freeze Damage

bluebayouMarch 22, 2010

My 100 year old large Monestaria plant,that resided in my great grandmother's Florida hotel, received major freeze damage during the severe Atlanta winter. The large leaves have all died, and, although the vines were initially green, pieces continue to turn dark and soft, which I cut back. Although there is still green portions of the once giant plant, the plant no longer takes the water up, so it is standing and rank in the platter below the pot. I feel compelled to replant and create the right environment to break this trend, but some have told me not to repot, that it will shock the plant further. Note the Monestaria has air roots. WHAT SHOULD I DO????????

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In our area, freeze-back of this plant happens every year. People just cut it back to the ground and it starts over.

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We're talkin Monstera,right? Mine in 1990 was frozen also and it was just a matter of starting over from the largest pieces. I chose to move mine so it was divided after the freeze and largest stems placed where they could climb under more cover and protection from frost. At least with thick stems the wait to get the large leaves isnt long.
When it does start to grow-fertilize it all summer in appropiate doses to boost it.

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Mine did the same thing this year, and its still firm and green a the base. I'm hoping it comes back soon especially since its starting to warm up lately. Its already survived lows in the 20s once!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Rainforest Garden: Tropical Gardening Where its Not So Tropical

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Okay, its official! After two of the coldest winters in years (several nights in the low 20's, my monstera is pushing out new growth! I'm so excited. By the way bluebayou, is yours a monstera or a split leaf philodendron?

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