tomato cage for dragon fruit?

willow1987(8)March 25, 2011

I was wondering if I could use a tomato cage to support my dragon fruit plants once they start climbing

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I think it should work as long as the plant gets enough food. Growers in the area tie it up on a pole wrapped with burlap which can be used for feeding. The top of the pole has a cross. This would make a very easy wood project too. Best.

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Thanks Alex. I have them growing in containers since my area has freezes. I was thinking about the pole idea but I was afraid that it may tip over in a pot.

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I'm not sure what the best method is in areas that get cold. I manage to knock half my plant off whenever I move it into the greenhouse for the winter. I don't think a standard tomato cage is big enough but maybe something similar in a bigger size would work. In the meantime I keep breaking my plant so much that I'm lucky if I get 2 fruit a season. lol

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Hi Karyn i guess thats what Im afraid of, knocking it over lol. I've seen a few peoples ideas on here, but I guess I was trying to find something that I wouldnt have to build lol. The only thing I can think of is the pvc idea but I dont know if the pvc would lean if it was supporting a heavy plant in a pot

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tomatoe cage is metal, weight of plant will cut into the flesh. if you google it, you'll see they all use heavy wood. have a bunch here, finally going in the gound this year, big enough i think.....i hope.

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The pots that I will have them growing in are probably 5 gallon pots. I dont know if the pots would support the wood post. Unfortunately I cant plant them in the ground because it freezes here during winter. I just want to be prepared when they start growing

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