blue jade vine and conflicting advice

gaza(10 la CA)March 26, 2008

hi group,have got several of these,but have lost 2 this past week.

they all have been growing for several years in the ground,with min temps of 40,one year went down to 30[freak cold spell],all were fine.

now i see some roots,which are above ground on all for just an inch or two,have been severed!

it looks like,if you can imagine string,when it is freyed.

i say it is mice or vermin,but others say it is fungus/root rot.

would not rot,just look like mush?,and be below ground?

i have many vines,but only this species is affected.

could it be the roots on this are tastier?

also have to say,that all other vines have roots well below soil level,but this one tends to have at least a few above ground.

also thought,if it was cold damage,rot,why would they get through the cool of winter,and then die when temps are 50+ at night?


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bihai(zone 9)

I would suspect a pest. But, do you have anything like a county Ag extension agency that you could take a sample to for testing? We have that here, you can take samples of plants or soil in and they will look at it and/or analyze it to see what's wrong. Florida is kind of proactive about it, they want to know if there are any "new" pests on the scene as yet undiscovered. Most of this stuff they will do free or for a small fee, I know nematode analysis is a little bit more expensive.

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