Bougainvillea confusion

boothbay(7)March 29, 2011

I've grown some through the years and sometimes have bad results with them once i bring them indoors in Sept cause of oncoming Fall. Out in my patio he grew nicely in a 8" hanging pot. When i brought it in, i was expecting the inevitable...flower bracts dropping and so later the leaves...but this did not happen to my surprise. The bracts lasted awhile and now, 6 months later in that same south window, the leaves are healthy looking. I always thought they needed a drought period, the result would be all the leaves dropping. Now this Spring I wonder if i should just leave it and start fertilizing or repot it to get it ready for the summer journey to my patio? Also, I read somewhere, that once all the leaves drop off, to cut the plant almost to the base for it to bloom on new growth. Its the "Barbra Kurt" variety.

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Sorry, here is my plant left it out in original post.

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Where I live, bougainvillea grows in the hottest, driest places, year round. There are slightly more flowers in the summertime but I don't think it ever goes dormant. I admit, I have never grown it as a houseplant, it grows like a weed my back yard. Depending on where you live, it might slow down in winter due to temperature and not enough sun. If you want it to grow healthiest, I would give it as much sun and heat as possible.

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