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palmcitrusbananavaz7(8a VB)March 7, 2013

Hello everyone!

I asking for some help finding a plant or combination of plants for a tight space in my landscape. I'm trying to create some privacy in front of an aluminum fence. The space is 5ft long and 3 ft wide and I'm trying to get something atleast 5ft tall.

Is there anything that would fit the bill? I basically need something narrow that grows tall. (doesn't really need to be tropical just fit with other tropicals)

Thank you!!

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Cannas come in dwarf and tall varieties. The tall should be perfect for you. You can get a lot of different colours and patterns in the leaves as well as flowers. They can provide all year colour and look very tropical.

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I doubt if Cannas would be tall enough. Why don't you try the Lombardy or Pencil Cypress. It is tall and extremely thin and doesn't look bad in a tropical setting. Good luck.- Ian.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

How about a vine? You could attach any needed supports to the fence.

Sorry, don't know your climate to offer specific suggestions. Around here, the fence would be covered in 6 months, even if you didn't plant anything.

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