California Pepper tree

marcie_new(z8)March 7, 2010

Today I was trimming off dead branches on my lemon tree-bush it looked dead to me but as I started cutting the branches they were slight green on the inside so I trimed the tree anyway, I went to my pepper tree and that poor baby is already putting on new growth! So is my golden rain tree!! he is about 5 years old but has not bloomed for me. My strawberry guave did not froze but she only blooms and does not produce fruit. What do I need to do to help it produce fuit?

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Marcie, not savvy on strawberry guava, but mine didn't bear fruit for a long time, and now for the past three years it has. First, I had no clue what it was as I got it as a NOID seedling, but once it flowered and fruited, it was i.d. here on GW. I don't do anything to it. It is planted on the northside of my yard against the fence and gets some shade. It gets watered when it rains or during the summer when I use the hose about once a week. Is your guava a new tree?

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Well the guava-strawberry tree-bush is about 3 yrs old I planted it from seed.

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