German Giant - Freebie at TGS - Opinions Wanted!

yumtomatoes(10a/FLA)February 1, 2012

What do you think of German Giant as compared to Brandywine Sudduths?

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I havent grown that one but the pictures on Google lend me to think it is more irregularly shaped than Estler Mortgagae Lifter or Bear Paw. I like smooth round tomatoes but most of the big ones usually are not like that. It seems to be a whopping big tomato tho.

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It was many years ago that I grew GG, but I remember enjoying it. I think the description in the TGS catalog is, like many, an exageration. The size was more in the 1lb. range, and was not as productive as indicated. Still a better yield for me than Sudduth.

It's one I've wanted to grow again, but[sigh], too many hundreds of others out there to try.


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largemouth(Z6 NY)

Comparing beautiful heirlooms to each other, eh? That's a tough one, yum.

Picasso to Rembrant, Warhol to Haring?

In the eye of the beholder, yum, right?. Grown both. Both beautiful, but the Giant is the winner.

But, I am the beholder, yum. It is your eye.

Is it a matter of space that you ask, that you can not grow both? I would, and do, grow both.

You can, too. Right? Do it, yum. Know you can. Then you can tell us. I look forward to your results. And to spring, and all our beautiful heirloom tomatoes!

My best, always....

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Yum, I haven't grown German Giant, but I have tried many a season with Brandywine Sudduth and found it on the whole pretty stingy with its fruit. This past year was better than ever before, but still only about 5 or 6 big ones, all delicious of course. I've also grown Earl's Faux which is very much like Brandywine S. but only marginally more productive��"by which I mean for me in my garden in a particular year. Others may have better experiences with these. This year I'm replacing both of them with Stump of the World, another 'taste-alike' but much more productive or so I'm told. And so it goes....

Let us know what you decide and how it comes out.


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Gary - I like Stump better than the BW Suddaths I have thus far tasted, which I will admit have been few and far between. Prudens Purple is another, MUCH more productive BW wanna be, and ealier for that matter. Taste is great. Linda

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I'd do about 3 votes to one for Pruden's Purple over both
Suddith's Brandywine and German Giant. In the last couple years, however, I've found Spudakee which I believe is supposed to be a selected cross between a Brandywine and Cherokee Purple. Wow!! This is some fine tasting tomato. And
pretty darn good on the yield too; far better than Brandywine.

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I can't tell you how much I wish I had the space to grow more tomatoes but I live in an HOA and can only grow them behind my courtyard wall.

This fall growing Brandywine OTV and Cherokee Purple. Spring I will try Brandywine Landis and maybe Sudduth, haven't decided.

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naturemitch(3/4 WI)


We grew it this year and it worked out good for us. I wouldn't call our plant highly productive, but the fruit that came off it were indeed large! The largest fruit was 2 lbs, with a few 1 pounders. Taste was good, ripened early enough for us. Mild tasting, we would use in sauces.

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tomakers(SE MA Zone 5/6 or ?)

I too prefer Stump of the World over all the brandywines and wannabe's I have grown in many years of tomato addiction. I love Earl's Faux, but SOTW beats it easily for production and it tastes great too.

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We got German Giant from TGS this spring and we planted 36, worried that we were wasting valuable space. I was surprised and delighted. It is an early potato leaf variety with huge, delicious red tomatoes. The plants don't last long. Once you get that wonderful burst of tomatoes the vines are the first ones in the garden to die. But we got really large, productive, great tasting tomatoes that sold at the farmers market for $4 lb. That is roughly $4 per tomato.

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