Need input on Cuor di Bue

vall3fam(9 CentralCA)February 8, 2009

I purchased some italian Cuor di Bue seeds from Seeds from Italy. Is this just a generic name for a regular oxheart, or has someone grown this variety? It is described as a meaty tomato, which I would like to use for canning salsa. Any opinions on this one?


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brokenbar(Mexico 23 00 N, 102 00 W)

Hi ELaine! I have grown in several years. IT is very meaty and has few seeds. I have switched to Cuoro d toro because it had a zippier flavor for salsa, which is what I do with it also. Cour Di Bue is still very good and a fine salsa tomato. I have had some of both of these varieties get well over a pound so it's a lot of tomato for your buck. Production has always been good for me too and both varieties have survived the Wyoming spring weather well.

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I thought these two varieties were the same thing? In other words, heart of the bull or bull's heart, just in two different languages - cuoro de toro in spanish, cuor di bue in italian? I purchased some Toro seeds and will grow this variety for the first time this year. But I am curious -Can anyone confirm if these are in fact the same variety or different?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

We know these as Heart of the Bull in English, meaning heart shaped, but they're also known as Heart of the Bull, or similar, in Italian and Spanish language versions.

And some are red, and some are pink, as listed in the SSE Yearbook, so they ***aren't all the same exact variety***. What's common to them is that they're heart shaped.

A new one for me, name wise, is one called Serdtse Buivola which is a new one I listed in the new SSE 2009 Yearbook and it's the first one that translates out as Heart of the Buffalo. Gotta love it. LOL

I've grown Cuor di Bue and Bill's Grow Italian site is a good one to get it from and I say that b'c right now there are some Cuor di Bue's being sold, with pictures, that aren't the correct shape at all and I doubt if they're the correct variety.

I love heart shaped varieties almost above all others, and there are several long threads here at GW which you can find via the search at the bottom of the page where variety after variety are listed.


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vall3fam(9 CentralCA)

Thanks, everyone, for the input. I figured getting them right from Italy would be the right seeds. I'm glad to see they are going to probably fit the bill for what I'm wanting them to be.

adk13 and brokenbar, if you want to try some of these, the package has plenty for me to share some with you.


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jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)

and I've also seen a yellow called Courve de Pigeon (Heart of the Pigeon, offered by HappyCat Organics.

What color is a pigeon's heart, anyway?


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Elaine -very sweet of you to offer -let me know if you want to trade a few of your bue's for a few of my toro's!! :-)

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what about heat resisatnce?

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