Miracle fruit - brown on leaves

c00rdbMarch 27, 2009


I bought a miracle fruit tree a few weeks ago. I potted in a mix of mostly pine bark MULCH, with some peat and perlite. It drains pretty quickly. I've kept it by a window with decent morning light and in a giant bag to trap in the humidity. The tree is around 30" tall. I also mulched with coffee grinds and have been watering with distilled water. However on some of the leaves there are brown spots or a brown covering. I don't know what could be causing this. Any insight?

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Were the brown spots on the leaves when the plant arrived? They will drop old leaves and replace with new growth. Sounds like you are doing everything correctly so far. Make sure the plant is overly watered until it settles in and starts to actively grow. Then it can take more water...at least while outside. I think your plant will be fine.

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Thanks, I hope you're right. I'm just a little concerned I guess because it seems like a lot of people have a very tough time with this plant. If I could just see some new growth I'd be very encouraged. I'm thinking it might need a lot of light to start putting on new growth though.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Don't get too anxious. They are very slow growing. Don't fertilize any during this time until you are sure the plant is fine and not stressed. Mist the leaves periodically during the day to keep it well hydrated.

I noticed that your plant already has a few blooms. That's good news. Here's a little something I learned the hard way when it comes to getting these plants to produce fruit. It will bloom and bloom like crazy. Also notice just how tiny the blooms are and that when they open, they only partially open. This makes getting pollinated a difficult task. My plant was outside in the summer and I even tried hand pollinating but I was only getting a pitiful few berries a year...not what I bought the plant for! Out of frustration, I started shaking the hell out of the plant everytime I walked by it. Far fetched as it sounds, I soon started getting more fruit developing than we could consume or give away.

It turns out that folks a lot smarter than me have determined that gravity may play a huge part in how the plants are pollinated. Hense the shaking of the plant to dislodge and distribute pollen. It has worked for me and I know others are now trying this.

Below are two interesting articles concerning the flower and pollination:



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Thanks for the advice. I see a lot of people have trouble pollinating the tree so your advice sounds sound. ;) Unfortunately those blooms are leftovers from when the plant was shipped and I think they are all dried out. I'm hoping for a quick recovery, I can't wait to try the fruit!

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Where did you get your plant?

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Got it off of an ebay seller in thailand actually. It looked really good when I received it. He said to keep it in a humidity bag for 60 days, but it looks like I'm getting something from the excess humidity that's causing those spots. I might start to put it outside since it's going to be raining. It's already been around 30 days in the bag. Either that or spray with some peroxide to clear up whatever's on it.

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I bought a miracle fruit plant online from a nursery in the USA. It arrived with about 10 fruits. Last winter, I brought it indoors and unfortunately I put it near the heater. The leaves turned brown early spring and then fell off. It has been more than 6 months now and there are still no new leaves. The plant is not dead as I scratched the trunk and it is still green. I was told by the nursery to do this to check if the plant is dead. The soil is a combination of sphagnum and perlite and I put some sand in it too. Now I wrap it in plastic for the plant to have some humidity. Can you help me revive it?

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