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mangodog(palm springs 9B)January 6, 2011

Before falling for mangos, I was in love with every thing coconut. I've seen them growing in Fort Myers and Miami and the Keys a long time ago. I'm assuming they are still growing there - but do they fruit there and how far north has anyone gotten them to not only survive but also fruit?

I've never seen them in California, though someone on another thread here said there was one in newport beach and some in L.A.- but they must be greenhoused or potted and brought indoors somehow for the winter though just guessing and I'm interested to know how they do in the ground anyway... have also wondered about how they might do at the gulf-coast southern tip of Texas....

Anyway - just a crisp 40 degree January morning question doodling here at the desert computer....


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I had a Jamaican tall die from lethal yellowing, some of them get fungal diseases.

Im looking to replace it, theres a nurseryman down in Homestead who specializes in palms, David Romney.

Im purchasing either a Red Spicata or a Fiji Dwarf.

Red Spicata is rare, the coconuts form on the fronds

Fiji dwarf is short and has a beautiful taper

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

LOVE the Fiji Dwarf shape and the cocunuts forming on the fronds of the Ricata is so unusual! Bryan - did your Jamaican ever fruit?

Would Coconuts fruit in Zone 10B in general? I can't figure out Palm Springs,CA, but I think we're 10A and just too cold in winters - I've had one die that I planted in the ground many years ago....


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they fruit all year down here. they dont seem to be phased too much by the cold bursts. I think it may have to do with the humidity as well

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murahilin(10 fl)

I've seen many coconut trees die in Zone 10A (around Palm Beach County) from the cold last winter(and the bacterial/fungal infections that followed). I have a Fiji Dwarf in Zone 10A that got damaged by last years weather but did not die. Someone I know with a Fiji Dwarf about 10 miles from mines was damaged by the cold last winter then died from a subsequent bacterial infection. I currently have 8 dwarfs (Malayan and Malayan hybrids) growing in zone 10B. Most seemed to have been damaged from last years cold but none were killed. Fruiting was somewhat affected.

If you haven't called Romney yet about the Fiji Dwarf you should because there is a waiting list for them. I think they were $40 a tree.

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

I have a 5 of them currently growing around the yard that were started from seed in 2000. They all are producing lots of coconuts all the time. The only one I have lost was due to a lightening strike. The cold does not seem to affect them and I haven't seen any fungus or other problems and they are just starting a new batch of nuts.

As you can see in this pic they are all really tall. I am no coconut aficionado so if there are name cultivars of this type I have no idea what they would be!

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they turn yellow and die. I'm experimenting with one that I bought in Home depot but I've had them grow to 4' and die once I left them outside for the winter. The USDA ratings are whacked they have us in Socal as 10B-11A and we can't even grow coconuts, how does that work??? We could grow all sorts of tropicals but not coconuts. Well, the consensus was, including CRFG in their official publications, that pouteria sapota could not fruit in Socal until I discover a fruiting Mamey last year in Santa Ana. Maybe someone out there in the southland has a fruiting coconut you never know.

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reb1136(Mobile, AL 8b)

When they say "Dwarf coconut" how tall does it grow?

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

thanks murahilin and marinfla - so it seems like you guys are on the edge of the "zone" for those palms - I just love them and they are so graceful. I think I like the Fiji dwarf the best - not only because of its size, but such a beautiful bend and flow to its shape

Jf - that's where I got my sprouted Coconut - at Home Depot, but now these floridians got me thinking about growing one again, especially with marin's comment - "The cold does not seem to affect them". I think if one found the PERFECT spot in a southern corner next to the house and maybe a fence and gave some winter protection this short type of coco-palm could survive. I've never heard that socal is in the 11a zone, but parts are supposed to be 10B yes - just like those who have grown them based on their comments above ....

And as you say, the other tropicals seem to do ok in our area....hmmmm....well....I need to let this stew for awhile....

thanks everyone.....mangodog

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There are plenty of fruiting coconuts including some old Jamaican talls in Stuart.. They are showing some damage from this years cold but are not severally so. Literature shows Stuart as the line for their northward growth but you will see them growing and fruiting on the coast up to Cape Canaveral.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Thanks stuartdave....what about the west coast - would a place like Clearwater or Sarasota have them? I never saw them there when i lived in that area in the late 70's for a single year....

I remember seeing them for the first time like in Fort Myers on that west coast....


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I've seen them in St Pete and Sarasota, more frequently in Punta Gorda. Mostly on the coast to a couple miles inland similar to east coast.

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