help with growing elephent ear trees

pcbuttMarch 31, 2009

Hi, Hope to get some advice on growing these trees. I have access to a greenhouse so that is not a problem. Any advice would be appreciated. TIA


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Hi pcbutt. Elephant ear trees? Usually elephant ears are not considered trees, although the upright elephant ears will develop a stalk, or small trunk. They are usually easy to grow as long as you keep the spider mites from them. A good insecticidal soap seems to work best. I have two upright elephant ears in my house that are starting trunks that are pretty maintenance free as long as you spray them now and then.


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Thanks Kevin, but this is a tree. They are found in rainforests. They bear a fruit and are shaped very nice.


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don_brown(Zone 6A NS)

Our problem here originates from the use of common names. Elephant ears normally refers to the Alocasias and Colocasias. What is the scientific name of the palnt about which you are speaking, Arctictropical?

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I'll have to look it up . I planted the seeds in the greenhouse already. Sorry!

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