Male/Female jackfruit flower

Eggo(z10soCal LBC)April 5, 2006

How do you tell the differences between a male and female jackfruit flower?

My jackfruit seedling has sent out its first flower, I'm kind of sure its a male, so no fruit or anything, either way its way too small to be flowering. This particular seedling was started in Fall 03' Planted out in Spring 05'. It didn't handle the winter too well either, all the leaves are very yellow but still sending out growth.

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daai_tou_laam(Hong Kong)

This page seems to provide some distintions between the male and female flowers.

And congrats on getting the jackfruit this far. They seem to be pretty hardy about recovering from leaf loss due to winter conditions.

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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

Hi eggo,

well, if you only have 1 flower will be more difficult than having both inflorescenses in order to identify them; if you get both, then just compare them and the female is the bigger, fatter, with the thicker and a shorter peduncle one.


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Hello, anyone out here could tell me based on the pictures on my links here, this is a picture of the tree and its leaves with the male flowers, perhaps? The flowers has strong odors. So far I do not have any female flower to confirm whether it is a jack fruit tree or not. Can anyone, please, confirm that if it is a jack fruit tree or not?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Definitely not a jakfruit tree. Not sure what it is....perhaps wampee?

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Thanks for your response. The blossoms and the leaves do look very much like they belong to the wampee tree.

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